Ford has confirmed that the days of the Ford F-150 Power Stroke 3.0-liter diesel engine are literally numbered in the United States, with orders only open until Friday, July 16, before they are likely to be definitively. deleted.

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© Photo: Jeff Glucker; Jalopnik

Ford Authority first announced that “the Ford 3.0L Power Stroke V6 will be phased out from the F-150 lineup in the near future”, which was later confirmed in more detail by The Drive directly from Ford.

From the player:

Ford explained to [The Drive] via email that you can order an all-new 14th-gen F-150 with the Power Stroke diesel engine, provided it’s Friday, July 16. If you do this, you would have a pretty rare bird in your driveway. delivery time.

It’s unclear what delivery timeframe for the last of the Power Stroke F-150s would be given the current unfortunate economy of chip and parts shortages, in addition to complications from the Covid-19 virus over the past year. , which hampered the production of other bespoke models like the new Ford Bronco for months.

Video: 2018 Ford F-150 Power Stroke 3.0L Diesel (Engine Trend)

2018 Ford F-150 Power Stroke 3.0L Diesel

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As The Drive points out, and as any Ford salesman worth his salt would probably explain, other engine options have caught up with the claimed benefits of the unique Power Stroke applications of 250 horsepower and 440 lb-ft of torque. Cryptically, Ford doesn’t break down the truck’s U.S. sales figures into specific models, so it’s not immediately clear how many 3.0-liter diesel engines Ford has sold.

The new 3.5-liter PowerBoost hybrid truck, which gets improved fuel economy over the outgoing Power Stroke diesel, or the non-hybrid version of that 3.5-liter engine that delivers nearly identical torque of 500 lb-ft. diesel, offer competitive packages according to the driver’s habits. I’m sure there are some hybrid or fully electric powertrains in the near future that will really fill all the technical gaps in the lineup.

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© Photo: Jeff Glucker; Jalopnik

However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t lose something that is a bit of a novelty. Our review of the 2018 3.0L Power Stroke F-150 featured Jeff Glucker towing an Airstream motorhome for an entire trip and never diving below 20 MPG. It’s a lovely truck with a lot of traction, but it could ultimately be redundant with modern hybrid technology.

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