Why Your Business Needs Revenue Operations to Drive Transformation

When you drive a car, you intuitively know how to operate it to get to your destination. Even if you’re not sure what’s going on under the hood, you can tell if your car is working and you might only be thinking about the machine if something goes wrong.

Likewise, your customers may not know if your entire organization’s workforce is using a transparent and integrated customer relationship management (CRM) platform. But they can probably tell if it isn’t.

When they need to contact your representatives multiple times, providing the same data to multiple touchpoints, or when interacting with representatives who cannot resolve their issues on-site, your relationship management platform can embarrass them.

The unsung heroes of your organization are your operational teams, whose processes greatly influence your Customer Experience (CX).

But when organizations grow rapidly by acquiring businesses with existing infrastructure, they can end up with a patchwork of tools and platforms that lock data in silos instead of letting it flow throughout the organization, so that all of your staff have a common understanding of your customers and their needs.

Combining platforms and legacy tools into an infrastructure might seem like a wise move internally for a growing company, but you can end up sharing that pain with your customers.

Operations teams themselves also often work in siled practices, which can duplicate work and obstruct the flow of information, rather than as a unit that shares data, analysis and information. (Over 60% of operations professionals say team misalignment causes them to duplicate their efforts.)

These organizations may view their operational teams as problem solvers and not as key players with information that can guide business strategy. In an age of heightened customer needs, neglecting their untapped knowledge can prove costly.

Turn around RevOps

One of the keys to unlocking the full potential of your operational teams to serve your customers and drive your growth is your Revenue Operations (RevOps).

Your organization’s income is for every employee. And by putting RevOps at the center of your organization, you can better unify your operations teams: eliminate friction, discover efficiencies, and free up bandwidth so operations can innovate and help all teams share one. unified mission to improve the customer experience and develop the business.

An expanding organization can grow faster by delivering optimal CX through a powerful and intuitive CRM that puts operations at the forefront of that experience.

A CRM that helps your operations teams automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks; easily improve the hygiene of your data; and removing friction both internally and for your clients helps your RevOps team create a united operational practice where leaders can focus on shaping your organization’s growth strategy.

Rapidly growing sectors

The timing of aligning your organization’s operations has never been more critical. As the pandemic abruptly exploded demand for application and service-oriented industries, some organizations took the opportunity to build their RevOps with better CRM.

One area of ​​recent growth has been the wellness industry. The apps have enabled millions more customers to benefit from vital health services in the first year of the pandemic.

Headspace, founded in 2010 as a meditation-oriented app, grew into a multimedia organization with 2 million subscribers in February 2020, when the coronavirus was spreading rapidly. In the first weeks of the lockdown, its downloads increased by 100%; today, this growth rate is still sustained, at 20%.

In this time of rapid expansion – for Headspace, for mindfulness practice, and for the wellness industry – the company’s CRM has helped it scale rapidly by keeping CX at the heart of its operations.

Under the emerging pandemic lockdown rules, leisure vehicle maker Airstream has served customers by repositioning its value proposition with a customer-centric strategy to introduce relevant resources for the work and life experience from a distance. This change in strategy helped sustain a 45% year-over-year sales increase in May 2020 and a 100% increase in June.

Using a unified CRM has helped Lemonade, an insurance provider that donates its unclaimed premiums to nonprofits, to surface and rely on the information its customers have expected of it. to support social and environmental justice. The provider has also allowed customers experiencing financial difficulties to cancel their policies for a full refund.

Lemonade quickly gained momentum: in December 2020, four and a half years after launch, it announced its millionth client and donated $ 1.1 million to nonprofits of choice by its clients.

How your CRM can boost operations

Headspace, Airstream, Lemonade and thousands of other organizations rely on a CRM with features that help RevOps teams manage operations and increase their efficiency in several ways including:

  • Maintain customer data and all organizational data aligned and accurate across the organization.
  • Enable operations teams to customize and automate processes and workflows.
  • Ensure their technology infrastructure evolves to keep pace with growth.

With a CRM that meets each of these standard practices, RevOps can connect all operational teams to the data and information that helps your organization improve CX. Even if your customers don’t see CRM under the hood, they’ll know they’re feeling good when you’re helping them get to their destination.

Learn more about how the HubSpot CRM Operations Hub can help you serve your customers.

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