• Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Why Gilbert Gottfried Was One Of The Best Are You Afraid Of Black Villains

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Apr 12, 2022

In “The Tale of Station 109.1”, a death-obsessed kid named Chris Leary (Zachary Carlin) gets more than he bargained for when his brother Jamie (Ryan Gosling, not really) lets Chris check a hearse he’s on. works at his job. Jamie turns on the hearse battery, which signals radio station 109.1 “for people with limited mobility”. A DJ with a strange accent informs listeners that sometimes when people die they miss their chance to cross into the afterlife and may need special assistance. As long as you follow his voice, he will help you find the way home. The voice is, of course, Gilbert Gottfried, putting on a caring and soothing voice to help the lost souls out of the mortal envelope. Chris tracks down the address of the radio station and comes face to face with the voice, a radio DJ named Roy who talks like, well, Gilbert Gottfried when he’s not on the air. He’s a lot like Miss Argentina in “Beetlejuice,” except he’s the one who deals with whether or not your soul will go through a heavenly eternity or agonizing pain in the proverbial hell.

Gottfried’s voice is usually played for laughs, but not on “Are You Afraid of the Dark”. His high, loud, shrill voice is meant to strike fear into the heart of young Chris Leary. Unfortunately, Roy thinks Chris is dead and needs to get to the other side, ignoring his pleas that he’s just a kid with plenty of time. Gottfried is screaming in this kid’s face, and the voices of ’90s kids who grew up associating with Iago from “Aladdin” immediately turned into something awful. He berates Chris for knocking on his window, and after assigning him a number to cross, the camera zooms in on Gottfried’s face from a Dutch angle as he lets out a maniacal laugh.