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Which anime is the most relaxing?

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Aug 14, 2022

Some anime are known for their action-packed storytelling or sophisticated and intricate themes. But sometimes fans just need something relaxing, comforting and accessible to watch – and there are plenty of healthy options to choose from, such as Relaxed camp and flying witch.

These two particular series are among the best at what they do, helping the viewer relax and unwind after a long day, almost like a hot meal and a mind-soothing bubble bath. Both flying witch and Relaxed camp have a lot to offer and have a lot in common, but one has a slight edge over the other as comfort food and entertainment.

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The Flying Witch’s Daily Magic

flying witch is a bit obscure in mainstream anime, but for fans looking for a heartwarming iyashikei series to spend an evening with, this title is bound to come sooner rather than later – and for good reason. The anime may only have one season and the manga is slowly releasing new volumes, but even so, flying witch is an excellent introduction to relaxation iyashikei subgenre.

This is the story of young trainee witch Makoto Kowata, a charming young girl in her late teens who enjoys practicing her benevolent witchcraft on a daily basis in Aoimori Prefecture with her friends and family. flying witch isn’t a spooky Halloween anime – it’s more of a slice-of-life story with added magic and black cats, and Makoto is perfectly relatable as the protagonist.

She’s a sweet and kind girl who just wants to help people and works hard to make something of herself and become someone her witch sister Akane can be proud of. Even though Makoto’s spells sometimes go wrong, flying witch has no serious conflict or drama, or supernatural battles. It’s about the joy of everyday life and the value of family, all with a sweet touch of sorcery and innocent humor.

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The laid-back camp explores the great outdoors

Relaxed camp is a bit more mainstream as a slice-of-life seinen series; it not only counts as iyashikei, but also as “cute girls doing cute things”, another beloved anime subgenre. Pink-haired protagonist Nadeshiko and her high school classmates have formed an Outdoor Exploration Club, and they’ll be gathering every penny of their allowances to buy the right tents, sleeping bags, and cooking utensils to build the perfect camp. and learn something along the way.

Nadeshiko and his team travel all over the country, from campground to campground, taking in some of the country’s most dazzling natural features, landscapes and vistas. It helps that their new kuudere friend, Rin, is a veteran camper who can correct his mistakes and show him how it’s really done.

Relaxed camp also has some serious edutainment value, showcasing dozens of natural features and real-life locations found throughout Japan, almost like an animated National Geographic. Nadeshiko and the viewer will also learn the ins and outs of camping, which is more involved than just pitching a tent and roasting marshmallows. Gradually, Nadeshiko and his friends come to appreciate what it really means to get away and explore the great outdoors as self-contained campers. It can even help them grow as people and get closer as friends.

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Flying Witch Vs. Laidback Camp: What’s the Perfect Relaxing Anime?

Both flying witch and Relaxed camp have immense value as a relaxant, high quality iyashikei anime titles, and they even hit in many ways, from animation quality to wholesomeness and sheer charm. In the end however, Relaxed camp has the advantage in a few key ways.

For one thing, Relaxed camp simply has more material – including a live-action adaptation – than flying witch Is. Anyone looking for a comfort food anime can savor the flavor of Camp for more than twice as long. Furthermore, Relaxed camp takes place mainly in nature; the natural world is almost always a calming and comforting form of escape, whether a person is actually there or simply looking at a realistic photo or painting of natural scenery. It can also be related to the Japanese concept of “forest bathing”, or refreshing the mind by spending time in nature, and forests in particular.

To finish, Relaxed camp has better and more charming music than flying witchand it also contains some of the most themed music in all of anime. Camp has a lively soundtrack of American country music, with cheerful whistles, upbeat banjo beats, fiddles, harmonicas, and double bass. Sometimes, American anime fans in particular can feel like they’re watching a long, anime-style commercial for a wilderness outfitter shop, and for all the right reasons. After hearing this music, any charmed onlooker will want to rush out and buy their own tent, go hiking and try forest bathing for real. It’s a real life iyashikei waiting to arrive.