The expense of shopping at a camping supply store – not to mention the amount of items needed to prepare yourself for the great outdoors – is enough to distract any budget-conscious parent from the notion of a family vacation in the great outdoors. .

But we’ll let you in on a little secret: you don’t have to spend a fortune on tents and advanced equipment to go camping.

In fact, you can get almost anything you need at department stores and hardware chains for a fraction of the cost.

Away from lavish theme park vacations, camping trips give parents and little ones the opportunity to savor the simple things from baking marshmallows to dimming the campfire to stargazing. and the exploration of nature.

9Honey rose to the challenge and we were able to make our own family camping starter kit for just over $ 300 (who knew it was possible?).

We based our starter kit on a family of two adults and two children. Without further ado, here’s what you’ll need and where you can get it for less.

Ultimate Starter Kit for Family Camping – $ 307

Tent – $ 110

(Large W)

Hinterland 4 Person Instant Tent, RRP $ 110,

Air mattresses – $ 38

(Large W)

Queen Size Backcountry Inflatable Bed, RRP $ 22.00, 2x Hinterland single inflatable mattress, RRP $ 7.50 each ($ 44),

Sleeping bags – $ 88

Kmart Trail Hooded Sleeping Bag and Unicorn Hooded Sleeping Bag for Kids

2x Trail Hooded Sleeping Bag, RRP $ 29 ($ 58), 2x Kids Unicorn Hooded Sleeping Bag, RRP $ 15 each ($ 30),

Table and chairs – $ 71

Marquee Black Folding Card Table, Camp Chair
(Kmart / Bunnings)

4x Blue camp chair, RRP $ 10 each ($ 40),, Marquee Black Folding Card Table, RRP $ 30.99,

Book a campsite 101

For those who are new to this area of ​​camping, it should be noted the best time to reserve your campsite.

As with most vacations, there are peak times and popular campsites can fill up well in advance.

If you are planning a getaway during the Christmas holidays, Easter weekend or September holidays, you will need to book your campsite months in advance.

For some high-demand locations, this is akin to participating in a camping lottery, with many popular locations requiring you to enter a voting system long before you can hit the ‘book now’ button.

If you really want to go camping inexpensively, is a great resource for finding cheap and free campsites in Australia.

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