• Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

West Seattle Blog… | FOLLOW-UP: What City Says Ahead of Thursday’s Andover RV Camp ‘Remediation’

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Jun 16, 2022

As we reported, the city is set to launch another “remediation” to the mostly 6+ RV campground along SW Andover between 26-28 SW. Remedial action in December and April only resulted in the elimination of waste, but there are indications that this will be more drastic. Last night we reported on an announcement from West Seattle Health Club that it had been said that the area would be completely cleared. We crossed the area three times today to look for signs of advanced preparations; we saw a trailer being pulled from the west side of the WSHC by a van and noticed green tags as well as orange tags on the vehicles, all titled FINAL NOTICE. And early tonight we received this from Seattle Utilities spokesperson Sabrina Sign upwhom we had asked for the details of the plan:

On June 13, parking enforcement officers visited SW Andover St between 26th Ave SW and 28th Ave SW to provide a 72-hour notification to RV and vehicle occupants of the exact area that was to be clear of vehicles so Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) crews can June 16, perform an RV sanitation to thoroughly clean the area and remove trash and debris. At the time of the notice, there were 15 recreational vehicles, 11 vehicles and a utility trailer.

Additionally, to address a nearby sidewalk obstruction due to encampment, the City issued a notice on June 14 stating that all personal items must be removed from the encampment by June 16.

For nearly a month, the HOPE Teamwithin the Department of Social Services which coordinates homelessness outreach and shelter referrals, in coordination with the King County Regional Homelessness Authority (KCRHA) and outreach service providers including REACH, LEAD, Urban League, Catholic Community Services’ SCOPE Team, St. Vincent de Paul’s RV Project and the Fraud Mitigation Team have stepped up outreach in this area to connect those residing there in vehicles and in the camp with support vehicle maintenance and shelter and service offerings.

As of June 15, these outreach efforts have resulted in at least nine referrals to improved shelters or 24/7 Tiny Homes. For more details on these coordinated outreach efforts, please contact KCRHA, who also recently awarded a contract to Housing Institute for Low Income People (LIHI) to develop a safe batch program.

With a focus on public health and safety, SPU performs several RV repairs each month in different areas of the city. Staff conduct site assessments when there are five or more recreational vehicles in the same location. The assessments help the City determine which areas should be cleaned up first.

At least three days prior to remediation, temporary “no parking” signs are placed on site, advising the public of parking restrictions for a given period. SDOT staff follow up with direct outreach to RV occupants starting 72 hours prior to remediation.

If a car is being towed from a public road, instructions for locating the vehicle and the documents required to release the vehicle are available online. The first step in finding and picking up a vehicle is to call Lincoln Towing at 206-364-2000 or search for the vehicle on Lincoln Towing’s website www.SeattleImpound.com. More information on the application of the 72 hour parking rules can be found here: City of Seattle 72-Hour On-Street Parking Ordinance – Transportation | seattle.gov.

All personal items remaining on June 16 will be stored in accordance with city policy. People can pick up their items by calling 206-459-9949and we will work with individuals to arrange delivery.

The 15 RV count matches what we observed this afternoon. In the meantime, we had also asked the municipal councilor Lisa Herbold and her staff on Friday for full details of the plan, as she previously mentioned that she planned to meet with the mayor’s office. She sent us this response today:

I have been in regular contact with the HOPE team from the city’s Department of Social Services and Marc Dones, General Manager of the King County Regional Homeless Authority, as well as contact with housed neighbors who have contacted my office. HSD and KCRHA met with Nucor and the Alki Beach Academy last week, I was at that meeting and advocated that we respond – before the enforcement of the parking ban due this week – to urgent needs and requests people living in RVs and tents in the area, including a dumpster to help with trash as well as rats, repairs for vehicles and facilitating the opportunity to visit Camp Second Chance, where 20 new small houses will soon be available.

Second Chance Camp is West Seattle’s only city-supported tiny house encampment on Myers Way in the far southeast corner of West Seattle.