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Tom Cruise’s ‘Top Gun’ Boot Camp Looks Pretty Intense [Video] – 2oceansvibe News

ByDebra J. Aguilar

May 12, 2022

[imagesource: Paramount Pictures]

Tom Cruise doesn’t take training for his action movies lightly.

As for the actors who join him on set, well, they just have to join his league too.

To make sure, Tom puts them to the test in a series of rigorous and mind-blowing military scenarios. Some of them basically force the actors to resist the very laws of physics, to make sure the action is authentic.

It’s the kind of thing that, for The Telegraph“separates its mega-budget action films from all other mega-budget action films”.

Have you seen the trailer for Top Gun: Maverickand even the South African parody versionbut you have no idea what happened to get those incredible shots of fighter jets going through brain-melting G-force, nose dives and twists.

Miles Teller, who plays the son of former Maverick partner Goose, called the training “Tom Cruise’s boot camp,” but that hardly captures the madness they have to go through:

“We were in killer form. And also for the stunts and the stuff that Tom does in the movies, it’s usually a very specific type of training. You don’t just go to the gym and lift weights.

Image: Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Jerry Bruckheimer Films

We did flight training for three months before we started filming… We were put to the test.

Cruise told Total Film that he has developed a comprehensive cast schedule. He explained how to get them into the F/A-18s, teaching them how to fly and how to handle the Gs every step of the way, without rolling them. eyes back and vomiting all over the show in the process:

The reasoning went like this: the only way to make actors understand what it’s like to be a fighter pilot is to make them, even briefly, fighter pilots.

After racking up their flight time with passenger rides on single-propeller planes and L-39 jets, the Maverick actors were paired with US Navy pilots and each launched from a carrier. -aircraft in an F/A-18 Super Hornet jet with a top speed of 1,190 mph.

Teller said the workout was also hard on sleeping:

“I was living with [co-star] Glen Powell. During the night we would lay there and you would hear explosions of jet fuel and machinery colliding with the bridge. Everything on the ship is shaking.

In addition to passing the Superior gun Standard school physical training, actors must also pass the Naval Aviation Survival Training course, which includes a test called “The Dunker.”

Teller says it “feels like a sort of torture chamber to some extent.”

In addition to having to control the threat of heaving all over the cockpit, the actors also had to think carefully about the cinematography:

“The stakes are incredibly high,” Teller says. “Even if you’re not actually flying the fighter, you have to be aware of every move, because if the camera is pointed at you and you’re a millisecond away from the moment, the whole scene is a bust. That means that everything from movement to eye line has to be perfect.

Actors most often leave Tom Cruise’s boot camp with some sort of badge of honor, proud and impressed with what they’ve accomplished.

Top Gun: Maverick hits the big screen on May 27.