Motorhomes are rarely the sexiest vehicles. Usually associated with the types of gray nomads who slow down traffic on the Great Ocean Road, neither are they everyone’s idea of ​​traveling in style. But this luxurious Terra Wind Amphibious motorhome is proof that you don’t have to be retired on a budget to travel across the country in comfort.

Made by Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International (CAMI) – a husband and wife company from South Carolina – this is definitely one of the coolest RVs you’ll come across. With over two decades of experience building amphibious vehicles, the Terra Wind Amphibious RV can get to your lakeside destination and transform into a craft to take you across.

The enormous Class A RV measures an impressive 42.5 feet in length and weighs nearly 15,000 kg. That’s right, definitely don’t get it stuck in the sand, or you’ll need a serious tow truck to get you out. Due to its large mass, the motorhome is powered by a 330hp turbocharged Caterpillar 3126E diesel engine, which should get you up all hills without a hitch.

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Thanks to its enormous diesel engine, the Terra Wind Amphibious Motorhome can reach speeds of almost 130 km / h and 8 knots when in the water. But how does it turn into a barge?

It has a pair of 3.9 meter pontoons on each side to maintain balance, while the entire vehicle body is waterproofed to ensure it only hits the shore of the lake and never hits the bottom. . If you do cause a leak, it also has an emergency water pump to keep you afloat until you get back to dry land.

As you would expect for the base model of US $ 850,000 (AU $ 1,155,000) or the premium option of US $ 1.2 million (AU $ 1,631,000), all interior trim is designed to make you feel like you are on a yacht. With its marble tiled floors, granite countertops and teak cabinetry, you’ll feel right at home no matter how you’re used to traveling.

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Terra Wind Amphibious Motorhome
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Terra Wind Amphibious Motorhome


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