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Things the show adds to the lore

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Jul 21, 2022

Jurassic World: Cretaceous Camp may not look like much. After all, turn jurassic park in an animated series on Netflix sounds like a dumb idea on paper. What’s surprising is that it’s actually a decent show with endearing characters working together to survive. That’s not the only reason fans should check it out, though.

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It also makes intriguing contributions to the wider world of Jurassicseries. It adds depth to the ideas and makes the frame more well done. That’s why enthusiasts – those who specialize in the smallest details – should watch Camp Cretaceous. Not only does this allow them to spend more time in this prehistoric playground, but it enriches this universe in the process.

seven More from the park

Spending more time at a theme park obviously allows you to see more, and Camp Cretaceous take full advantage of it. Frantically trying to leave Isla Nublar, the characters go through many never-before-seen exposures in the films. Most interesting is a river walk through a tunnel filled with bioluminescent herbivores. All this makes the central idea even more appealing.

At its core, Camp Cretaceous is another way to experience Jurassic World. It’s a tryout for a program akin to summer camp, and one can easily imagine sending kids here in the same way. Instead of tents or cabins in the woods, they simply stay in a luxurious tree house. Countless children would jump at this chance.

6 Branching out

Part of seeing more of the island is finding out how commercial the concept has become. The series not only conveys this through the additional attractions, but also with the merchandise. The first episode even begins with a jurassic world VR game like a cold opener.

This entrepreneurial mindset largely determines the kids chosen for Camp Cretaceous. Darius wins a contest thanks to the aforementioned game. Yasmina is a park-sponsored track star. Brooklyn is a social media influencer who gained early access to the program. Kenji is a VIP guest thanks to his father who owns condos on the island. All of this demonstrates the reach of a successful business, and these are the same kinds of privileges that businesses would bestow in real life. No expense spared, indeed.

5 More genetic manipulation

In the film, Dr. Wu praises the merits indominus rex as a milestone in genetic engineering. Rather than a cloned species, it is an entirely new creature created from the genes of existing dinosaurs. However, genetic engineering is a science, and science rarely gets the desired result on the first test.

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Enter the scorpions rex. It’s basically a smaller prototype for the indomitable, but arguably more dangerous. It can climb trees, shoot poisonous quills, and reproduce asexually. More importantly, his behavior is totally erratic, which is exactly what one should expect when meddling in genetic power without a track record. It’s so out of control that Dr. Wu put it on ice. For someone as proud as him, that means a lot.

4 Other Interested Parties

InGen seems to have a monopoly on creating dinosaurs in jurassic park. Rival company Biosyn attempts to steal their secrets, but their attempts end in failure. Years later, the Masrani Corporation fared better, acquiring InGen and reallocating its assets into Jurassic World. However, another company has a vested interest in prehistoric profit.

The show features the mysterious Mantah Corp. This organization tries to blackmail Sammy into spying on the park facilities in Season 1. They later reveal their own research station, complete with several simulated biomes. As dinosaurs become commonplace, it makes sense that other companies would house and/or use them differently. It’s just another way they become like real animals.

3 Beyond the Dinosaurs

This is one area where Mantah Core is ahead. Wandering through the desert biome, the kids encounter a Smilodon, otherwise known as a saber-toothed tiger. Viewers have never seen this animal in the movies. In fact, big-screen entries never go beyond prehistoric reptiles. From a business perspective, this makes little sense.

Mosquitoes must have bitten mammals and other life forms in prehistoric times. As such, there’s no reason to limit Jurassic Park’s selection to dinosaurs and their sea- and sky-scale peers. The SmilodonThe presence of here takes this original idea and develops it in a simple but effective way. Who knows what other extinct animals this world has concocted?

2 dinosaur dimension

While the human characters obviously take center stage, the show also gives the dinosaurs an unexpected development. Their behavior in movies tends to be the most cinematic. By this logic, herbivores are all kind and friendly while carnivores do constant carnage. While this serves the story, it simplifies the natural world.

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Camp Cretaceous still has the thrills fans want, but it also goes beyond first impressions. Not all herbivores are cute and cuddly; they can be dangerous when threatened or territorial. On the other hand, carnivores are not always in a feeding frenzy, as they also spend time building nests and engaging in playful sparring fights. These actions are more in line with a nature documentary than a feature film about a creature. They lend authenticity and nuance to supposed movie monsters, making them more believable.

1 Exploitation of dinosaurs

Bringing dinosaurs closer to everyday animals has an unfortunate side effect: exploitation. The human race always has those who seek to exploit nature, no matter how cruel the treatment. This is Biosyn’s plan in the books, and recent movies make it a reality with dinosaurs in various underground locations.

Mantah Corp is trying to privatize this unscrupulous market here. They use drones to control the animals in their “research” facility, performing unethical tests and even forcing the dinosaurs to fight. It’s cruel and unusual. Unfortunately, that’s not new either. This behavior only reinforces the spirit of Lewis Dodgson in the books: an extinct animal has no rights. If humans made it and patented it, then they own it and can do whatever they want with it.

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