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The Snow Peak tent functions as a complete base camp and scenic observatory

ByDebra J. Aguilar

May 5, 2022

One of the newest members of Snow Peak’s 2022 camping collection, the Zekka was launched as a base camp tent, part sun shelter, and part vantage point. Snow Peak has covered the entire front side of this expansive tent with windows and openings so campers can position it in the direction of the best scenery and enjoy the view while lying in bed, sipping a cup of coffee or early morning tea, or escape the heat of the midday sun.

One of the best parts of traveling deep into the wilderness to spend a night or more is enjoying beautiful natural landscapes that are distinct from one’s daily surroundings, whether it’s towering conifers, white caps rippling against blue infinity of the ocean or a sweeping panorama of fiery fall foliage. Snow Peak designed the Zekka to better exploit this coveted attribute of camping travel.

Find a campsite like this and Snow Peak Zekka will be your ultimate refuge day or night.

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Snow Peak started by slightly curving the Zekka, giving it a subtle crescent shape that widens the field of vision up front. He then sheathed that gentle curvature of the front face with more windows and doors than fabric. The massive inverted trapezoid of a front door is flanked by three large triangular window panels on either side. The door itself and the triangular panels directly left and right can also be rolled completely out of the way, creating an airy sun shelter with a large front canopy. A transparent overhead panel provides a view of the stars.

Snow Peak Zekka set up with wider open canopy and breezy open-air facade
Snow Peak Zekka set up with wider open canopy and breezy open-air facade

snow peak

The rear of the Zekka isn’t as wide as the front, but it does have its own large center door and side windows. The ends of the 28.9-foot-wide (8.8 m) tent are also capped with large windows.

In addition to the mesh, all windows and doors include weatherproof panels that can be closed in inclement weather.

The Zekka main shell is a floorless design, and to give campers overnight protection from the crawling and slippery parts of nature they’d rather not hop into bed with, Snow Peak has packed in an inner chamber that attaches inside the left or right end section. Campers can use the only closed interior room on the ground or add an extra one and have one at each end. Each frameless piece attaches to the Zekka frame, its windows aligning with the exterior Zekka windows to maintain an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

With a wide, full-height entrance door and windows on the other three sides, the inner room promises to be as airy and breathable as the larger Zekka tent that surrounds it. In stormy weather, users can close the hatches of the outer Zekka tent while the inner room breathes in condensation through the widely spaced windows in the outer fabric of the Zekka tent.

Each interior bedroom can accommodate up to three people, so a pair of bedrooms gives the Zekka the ability to accommodate up to six people in fully protected comfort. The large space between these rooms under the Zekka roof can be left empty or used for beds, a dining set, camping chairs, etc. Factor in the space under the front awning, and campers can pretty much set up their entire base camp below. the vast canopy of Zekka.

At nearly 29 feet wide, the Zekka has a front-to-back depth of 13.8 feet (4.2 m), not including the awning, and an interior height of 7.2 feet (2.2 m). The inner hall stands 5.6 feet (1.7 m) high. The complete set of Zekka outer tent and inner chamber weighs 66 lbs (30 kg).

A central skylight provides an overhead view
A central skylight provides an overhead view

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After previewing the Zekka in early 2022, Snow Peak launched it in Japan last week. The main tent (with single inner bedroom) sells for ¥288,000 (about US$2,210). Additional inner chamber is available separately for ¥49,500 (US$380), and Snow Peak also offers padded mattresses cut to the size of the inner bedroom floor for ¥27,500 (US$210) each. Not exactly a “rough it” price, but with all forms of camping, glamping, landing and festival running, we guess now is the time for this expensive category of tent. but pretty…and worth noting that the Zekka is listed as “out of stock” after only a week on the market.

It’s unclear if the tent will go beyond Japan, but Snow Peak has posted an English version of their Zekka/new product 2022 introduction video on their global YouTube channel and English instructions in a Zekka manual that ends by a list of both Snow Peak US and Japan coordinates, so that’s encouraging…at least for US campers wealthy enough to buy the Zekka without a lifetime of guilt.

Source: Snow Peak (Japanese)