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The best tents for kids to play or camp in 2022

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Dec 31, 2020

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Many children love to play in a tent. It gives them a space that is just like them where they can entertain themselves, read, color, play with friends or have fun pretending to go camping. Playing in a tent stimulates the imagination; kids can pretend camping atop a snowy mountain, deep in the rainforest, on another planet, the options are limitless. Playing in a tent also improves coordination and motor skills in moving, crawling, and opening or closing tent windows and doors.

The best kids tents focus on safety. They are made and tested to keep parents’ minds at ease. A safe tent has large mesh doors or windows to make it easy for parents to watch their child without interrupting. The mesh fabric also helps with ventilation, making it a child-safe material. Other safety features to look for include secure pocket anchors for tent pegs, soft edges, and short door ties attached to the tent.

Some considerations to make when buying the best kids tent include choosing:

  • A convenient size that fits the physical space of a room or garden and is large enough to accommodate the right number of children.
  • A design you think your child will like; this can include bright colors and fun patterns, a themed tent like a princess castle, igloo or teepee, or one that looks like an adult camping tent.
  • A tent suitable for indoors or outdoorsdepending on the intended location.
  • An easy-to-clean material for messes or for outdoor tents that come in contact with grass, rain and dirt.
  • A light and portable tentwhether you plan on transporting it from the playroom to the backyard, taking it to the park, on a play date, etc.

Our top picks

We’ve picked out the best kids tents that take safety, space, style, and fun into consideration. Choosing the right tent ensures youngsters have years of playtime without having to replace or upgrade the tent.

BEST KIDS TENTS OPTION: Tiny Land kids teepee tent with mat and string lights.

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Tiny Land’s safety-tested teepee tent is designed to be used any time of the day. It comes with string lights that toddlers can turn on when it gets dark, and playtime can continue until bedtime. A padded, non-slip mat inside the tent provides a comfortable place for children to sit and read, do crafts or play. They can also store some of their toys in the two interior pockets to give them more room on the mat.

There is enough space inside the tent for two children to play. The sides of the square base measure 47 inches and the overall height of the tent is 66 inches, including the poles. This safe and reliable teepee tent is made from premium breathable 100% cotton canvas and twice polished pine poles. Fold the canvas and place it in the included carry bag to take this tent on trips away from home.

Best Tent Option for Kids: POCO DIVO Knight Castle Prince House Kids Play Tent

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The POCO DIVO Kids Tent is a great addition to a child’s bedroom or playroom with an affordable price tag. Parents can choose from three colorful tent designs: Circus, Knight’s Castle and Star Castle.

The tent comes in one piece of 100% polyester fabric that’s easy to clean in case of spills, and includes plastic poles for a sturdy structure. The door rolls up or around the sides (depending on the model) and secures with a clip for supervised play. A mesh window provides ventilation for children and a place for parents to check in when the door is closed with Velcro.

This tent is a practical solution for homes with limited space or parents looking for a portable play tent. Measuring 40 inches in diameter and 51 inches high, there’s enough room to play solo or play with a friend. At just over 2 pounds, this tent is easy to pack and set up outdoors in good weather. When not in use, just fold it up and store it away.

BEST OPTION OF KIDS TENTS: Large love tree kids play tent for indoor and outdoor use.

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This luxurious children’s tent from Love Tree is larger than most playhouses. It comes in a size of 59 x 39.3 x 59 inches to give kids the room they need for imaginative play, or so a parent can get cozy inside with their little one. The tent contains 100% natural cotton canvas with reinforced stitching on all seams for a high quality and durable design.

The construction of this tent is sturdy, which reassures parents for the safety of their little ones. Two fiberglass poles give the tent its shape and stability that will withstand exuberant play. Make sure everyone gets along by watching your kids through one of the four large ventilation windows or the zippered doors.

This 5.5-pound tent is portable and packs into the included carry bag for outdoor play in the fresh air. Choose between beige, black and white or pink and beige color schemes.

Best Tent Option for Kids: Monobeach Princess Playhouse Tent with Star Lights

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Your little one can be a princess from a distant land or a mystical fairy in this charming play space. The adorable pink playhouse features openings on all five sides, framed by sheer curtains that can be closed or held up opened with fasteners. The included stars attach to the ceiling and polka dot curtains for a magical, light-up effect straight out of a fairy tale.

The Monobeach Princess tent features a durable polyester and taffeta blend that is easy to clean and stain resistant. The material is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Sturdy PVC poles provide stability and a groundsheet keeps kids comfortable as they play. At 55 by 53 inches, this large tent can accommodate up to three little princesses.

The set weighs less than 4 pounds and includes a carry bag to transport the playhouse to the backyard, parks, kindergarten, and more. Starlights require three AA batteries (not included).

Best Kids Tent Option: USA Toyz Rocket Ship Kids Play Tent

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This USA Toyz play tent ticks many boxes for parents: inexpensive, entertaining, suitable for indoors/outdoors, stress-free assembly, and portability. This pop-up playhouse comes in two models, each with a bonus accessory. A rocket with a space projector torch that displays 24 space-themed images; or a tent decorated with unicorns and rainbows, plus a unicorn headband.

Messy kids meet their match with the water-resistant, easy-to-clean polyester fabric. All it takes is a cloth with mild soap and water and the tent is ready for more playtime. Measuring 40.5 inches in diameter and 50 inches in height, this play tent can accommodate up to three small children. Mesh window and wide tie-down door provide breathability for children and non-invasive monitoring for guardians.

To set up, insert the collapsible tent poles into the roof and ground anchors, and your little one can start playing in minutes. When playtime is over, fold the tent into the included carry bag; as the tent weighs only 2.7 pounds, it is easy to carry.

Best Tent Option for Kids: GigaTent Cooper Boy Scouts Camping Tent

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Introduce your child to camping with the GigaTent Kids Tent. Two child campers can fit in this tent, which measures 60 x 60 x 36 inches. Made from durable polyester, the tent and rainfly fabric protects children inside from harsh weather and UV rays.

A waterproof polyethylene floor protects little campers from getting wet while they play or sleep. The tent’s mesh roof and window allow ventilation and protect them from insects. An A-shaped door has a double zipper for easy opening and closing. Inside, two fabric pockets can be used to store small flashlights, water bottles and other backyard camping necessities.

This tent sets up like a traditional camping tent, so your child can practice putting it together like an adult. Insert the two shock-corded fiberglass poles and secure them using the pole clips and the pin and ring system at the base for added security. Cover the tent with the fly and secure it with the fly clips, and your child can begin their imaginative wilderness adventure.

Best Kids Tent Option: Alvantor Kids Pop Up Tent Indoor Outdoor Playhouse

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Alvantor’s vibrant and colorful kids tent provides youngsters with a place to play indoors or outdoors like a fort or umbrella. Durable polyester fabric can resist stains, spills, dust and dirt. This material also contributes to the affordability of the tent.

The Alvantor tent measures 48 x 48 x 42 inches, large enough to comfortably accommodate two or three children. It contains a main entrance and a circular rear entrance that can be attached to a play tunnel for better playtime. With two entrances as well as a mesh top, parents benefit from high visibility to ensure children play safely.

Setup is simple thanks to the tent’s pop-up design: just insert the two strong fiberglass poles and secure them in the pole pockets at the base. The Alvantor play tent weighs less than 2 pounds and comes with a case for convenient carrying.