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Spiritwood Lake Town Council Meeting – Jamestown Sun

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Oct 22, 2022

Spiritwood Lake Town Council Meeting Tuesday, October 4, 2022 Held at Chip Steckler Shop 617 Spiritwood Avenue, Jamestown Budget Hearing Called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Pres Krapp. Council introduces Klein, Steckler by phone, auditor, guests Dustin Krueger, Sue Steckler, Stacy and Jean-Guy Berube 2023 Budget Request 38 mills or $45,540.37, whichever is greater. Klein made a motion to approve 2nd by Steckler, MC Budget hearing adjourned at 7:33 p.m. Board meeting called to order at 7:334 p.m. Board introduced Klein, Steckler by phone, auditor, guests Dustin Krueger, Sue Steckler, Stacey and Jean-Guy Bérubé. Klein moves to approve Minutes, 2nd by Steckler MC Financial Statement Steckler moves to approve, 2nd by Klein MC Klein moves to Pay Bills, 2nd by Steckler, MC By Bank Draft WSI 250.00 3964 Shirly Krapp 923, 50 3965 Shirly Krapp 20.00 3966 CDS 1068.00 3967 Northern Plains 25.65 3968 Forum Communications 63.18 3969 Chip Steckler mtg rm 40.00 3970 US Treasury 3972 SCD Watershed 7,075.76 3973 US Postal Service 182 .00 Highway Funds 312 Chip Steckler 500.00 313 Dave Cysewski $1,000.00 Met Albrecht Mutschler, Bollinger, Somsen, Spitzer, Fletchers and Paasch, Larson, yet to meet Cysewski. Some will cover crops and others will fence. Water sampling report submitted. Dissolved oxygen has taken a step back. Discussion of goose water sampling, Dustin spoke to G&F and Greg Sandness, felt it was a good idea to test for phosphates – Neil Klein will help with sampling. I think we should try to get G&F to count the geese. Dustin will be presenting at the ND Environmental Health Association convention in Minot on October 29, presenting the history of Spiritwood Lake, why and how we applied for a 319 grant and providing information on Phase I and Phase II and talking about the hypolimnetic pull down. SE Outlet Update-Auditor has contacted State, Matt Lindsay says he has undergone a series of supervisor reviews and is preparing ruling documents for the Engineer/State Manager to submit in the next few days. He had to contact the Stutsman Water Board for clarification on some levels. Dustin thinks we should start looking for contractors subject to approval. Pedestrian trail update pending for this year Dust control pending until next year Road checker will contact Quigley to level this fall. Tree pruning has started. Mowing done by Cysewski – great job. Government bond required for auditor/good for 2 years – Motion by Klein to approve request for bond coverage for $75,296.16, 2nd by Steckler, MC Stacey and Jean-Guy Berube to purchase lot 3 Stroh’s Birch Cove Addition on Camp Rokiwan Rd, closing October 13th. Permits are presented subject to final closure. Permit #1 for driveway and clearing work to be done by Scherbenske, Klein made a motion to approve subject to final purchase and all paperwork handed over to Auditor, 2nd by Steckler. Permit No. 2 for Septic Tanks (Scherbenske) and Utilities (Electric, Water and Dakota Central, Klein made a motion to approve subject to final purchase and approval of the Central Valley system, 2nd par Steckler, MC Liechty’s Mobile Homes modular home move-in permit #3, it will be installed on pillars and pylons, and a garage will be built on site, Klein moved to approve, 2nd by Steckler, MC Steckler moves to adjourn at 8:20 p.m. 2nd by Klein The next regular meeting of the board will be Tuesday, November 1, 2022 7:30 p.m. will be held at Chip Steckler Shop Shirly Krapp, Auditor cslauditor2004@gmail.com/ 701-320-2244 (Oct 22 .2022) 113922