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“The connection between two former Madrid players may have raised questions for some fans [Zinedine] Zidane’s strange decision [to let them leave]”declared that they declared by Daily mail.

Meanwhile, Mundo Deportivo said Bale was the hero and noted that the 31-year-old “enthusiastically celebrated the goal after a difficult period in his career”.

Spurs boss Jose Mourinho paid tribute to the winger after the game and joked that he would examine the reaction online.

“For about a week or so he’s been improving,” Mourinho said by Goal. “It’s not just looking at it, the data also confirms it. We knew it, Gareth knew it. We share ideas and feelings.

“He deserves this [the goal]. When I have five minutes, I go to Safari to look at the Madrid sites to see what they say about it.

“He showed a great personality and had a great impact, scoring a very important goal for us. He also joined Harry in a very experienced way to play the last 15 minutes for us.

Image Credit: PA
Image Credit: PA
Image Credit: PA
Image Credit: PA

“They were very smart, very smart, especially in holding the ball and bringing it to areas where they couldn’t hurt us.

“He knows we care about him and he cares about the club. I think he’s perfect. He’s very calm, very smart. I’m very happy that he scored the game-winning goal.”

Diaro Sport added that Mourinho “has not lost the opportunity to have fun” to the detriment of his former team.

Do you think Gareth Bale will be a good signing for Spurs?

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