• Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

Side observations, 8/5: defense is important during an intense period on the goal line

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Aug 5, 2022

ASHBURN — One yard separated Washington’s offense by six points. This meter proved difficult to pick up, however.

In a goal line portion of Friday morning’s training camp practice, the two Carson Wentz and Taylor Heinicke took turns trying to guide their unit into the end zone, but on the first seven snaps they were unable to do so.

With Wentz at the controls, Casey Toohill flew from the edge to catch Antonio Gibson for a significant loss on the first try. So, Jamin Davis surrounded Brian Robinson Jr. on another run and perfectly covered a tight end to force a throwaway. And on the fourth, Wentz and Gibson had a bad exchange, which led to a fumble, which Toohill recovered.

It’s Heinicke’s turn, meanwhile, Christian Holmes pushed Camera Sims out of bounds before Sims can set foot on a fade. From there, Robinson Jr. was dropped again, and on third down Heinicke had to throw one out of bounds. Finally, the fourth Jonathan Williams dove for a well-deserved touchdown.

It was definitely the most energetic part of Friday’s action, although it wasn’t the most encouraging for the offense. Should there be a rematch in the near future, they will definitely want to execute better. This time, it was the defense that celebrated his work.

Now, here are some additional notes to digest…

  • Curtis Samuel practice follow-up, unfortunately, returns to zero. Samuel was fully involved on Wednesday from start to finish, but on Friday he was back on the side court. Rivera said there will be ups and downs with Samuel, so that’s no surprise, but it’s still worth mentioning. Dynami Brown and Saahdiq Charles were also non-participants. Cole Turner, meanwhile, he went lame during an offensive passing drill against the air, then twisted his leg a bit in the ensuing 11-on-11 phrase. Following these nicks, he was sent to the coach’s tent and did not return. Ron Rivera called it a hamstring problem.
  • Offensive line coach John Matsko demands excellence from his players at all times, including when acting as backup defensemen in stepping-type situations. One of the younger linemen was a little behind in his temporary linebacker duties, which angered Matsko a lot. “You’re always on defense,” Matsko said. “You are not a beginner!” While that may sound harsh, that’s precisely what makes Matsko a top notch coach. His guys must be on always.

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  • Percy Butler had a hell of a race stop Jaret Patterson, who is clearly not the greatest running back but packs a punch. However. Butler met him in the hole and lifted him with authority, then held him until reinforcements arrived. Butler is a quick safety who should thrive in space, but on this streak he was tough in traffic.
  • Building on that note from Butler, Friday had by far the most striking of the padded practices. Like, there have been instances where guys collided…and then they fought…and then they hit the ground! It was pretty exciting and as physical as you’ll see in August in a non-game.
  • As mentioned in the intro, Davis had its most remarkable session of the summer. He jumped against the run and the pass and was playing with a bit more energy overall. Now, david mayo still takes its place in a handful of forfeits, which is disappointing, but hopefully Friday can represent some kind of turning point.
  • If you come to camp, you’ll hear the words “Let’s go D-Fo!” regularly. It’s because Darrick Forrest is regularly in the right place, much to the delight of defensive backs coach Chris Harris. In a ranking of the 10 commanders who stand out from all the rest, Forrest definitely stands out.
  • hunt young was quite vocal on the sidelines, pleading at times Climb Sweatshirt pull on the edge. Young has also been unwavering in signing autographs for fans who come to the facility each day. Players like him Terry McLaurin and Wentz are in high demand, and so far they’ve been generous with their signings.