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SaaS startup Clika wins first prize in monthly D.Day startup competition in March in Korea

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Apr 4, 2022

[Source: D.CAMP]

Clika Inc., a software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup, won first place in the March D.Day, a startup competition jointly organized by startup incubation foundation D.CAMP, the Korean Office of Intellectual Property (KIPO), Korea Invention Promotion Association, and Korea Technology Finance Corporation.

Clika, a machine learning operations (MLOps) company, has the technology to compress machine learning models into an optimal proportion for loading onto small information technology (IT) devices. The machine learning model industry has grown rapidly on big data processing. MLOps involve follow-up work on reconsidering the model if necessary and monitoring model performance after the completion of machine learning code.

Normally, 100 machine learning models are loaded into a chip embedded in a consumer computing device. Clika is able to reduce the weight of a model by up to 90%.

Clika’s enterprise customers will be able to effectively reduce the weight of their machine learning models and reduce cloud storage costs with the startup’s SaaS solution to be developed this year.

[Source: D.CAMP]

[Source: D.CAMP]

D.CAMP has been organizing D.Day for four years with KIPO and expanding the areas of cooperation. A total of 18 companies joined the competition between 2019 and 2021, and they attracted more than 30.3 billion won ($24.9 million) in investment.

AIRS Medical, meanwhile, received the KIPO Commissioner’s Award on D-Day. The startup researches and develops a precise robotic navigation system for efficient and safe microfracture surgery. AIRS Medical improves the convenience and safety of surgery through robot and artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Others that entered the contest are Flipper Corporation, Pikurate, MOYO, and BookIPs.

Flipper leverages the Hitbim app builder which enables users without coding knowledge to build a high-quality app service. Users can complete an application similar to other applications in general without coding by simply mixing the design codes as if in blocks. Users can reduce resource injection by up to 80% compared to the legacy app development method where developers are in charge of all the coding work. Hitbim also offers updates to operations management and service functions after the development and release of the application.

Pikurate operates an information search and curation platform based on bookmark technology in the web service. Unlike the existing bookmarket tool, the company offers accurate content and URL storage technology that enables AI technology to proactively recognize and save content and search channel before reach the webpage. Its service enhances the online search experience as it provides quality online information curated by others on a searched topic.

Pikurate’s knowledge curation business model is registered as a patent in the United States.

[Source: D.CAMP]

[Source: D.CAMP]

MOYO — which refers to everyone’s rates — operates a website and app that analyzes and recommends several hundred low-budget monthly phone plans. Unlike other mobile service payment plans, economy phone rates are offered by dozens of service providers. There are up to 1,000 different monthly plans based on base rate, data usage and voice calls. MOYO has all the different plans in its database and users can easily find their optimal plan.

BookIPs is an edu-tech startup that operates the Solvook textbook copyright licensing subscription service. BookIPs has signed a copyright usage agreement with related entities, including the Korea Copyright Commission and YBM for Solvook, to allow users to pay 3,000 won per month for legal access to 10 000 kinds of educational reference books and 700 kinds of textbook IP addresses.

The startups were evaluated by Lee Chang-yoon, Head of Investments at D.CAMP, and Kim Bo-mi, Head of Growth at D.CAMP, among others.

By Lee Eun-joo

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