Prices for vans, already a third higher than a year ago, are expected to peak again as Christmas approaches, the peak trading period of the year.

This is the view of Stuart Pearson COO BCA UK, commenting on the record prices generated at auction in July.

“While there is a view that the value performance of light commercial vehicles could not improve much, there is a good chance that we will see a further increase in demand towards the end of the year. year to meet the needs of the Christmas trade-in period – especially as the well-documented sourcing challenges around new vehicles continue to impact the wider market.

Average values ​​for light commercial vehicles hit record highs in July, breaking the £ 10,000 mark for the first time.

The average values ​​of light commercial vehicles used for vehicles sold at BCA rose by £ 187 in July to reach £ 10,120, the highest monthly average value on record at BCA.

Values ​​have risen by £ 2,422 in the past year, which equates to a 32% increase. Over 2,000 individual professional buyers competed for LCV stock at BCA during the month of July.

Stuart Pearson COO BCA UK said: “The used light commercial vehicle industry is experiencing a perfect storm, with door to door delivery, couriers, freelance trades and also the recreational vehicle industry experiencing high vehicle demand.

“The onset of the pandemic has spurred significant growth in online shopping, and as a result, the number of people working as self-employed couriers, couriers and drivers has increased dramatically. Many need their own vehicle, typically a high-volume, high-roof LWB van, and we’ve seen values ​​rise steadily in this industry.

“We have also seen significant demand for light commercial vehicles which support many small businesses and tradesmen, which has resulted in increased values ​​for standard panel vans, dump bodies and drop sides. “

“One of the most exciting developments has been the increased demand for vans that can be converted into motorhomes to serve the holiday market. BCA holds online sales and demand for caravans and motorhomes online twice a month this year and continues to increase.


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