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Qoo10 has Jinjja Chicken & Milksha from S$1.99 in November, camp online for daily F&B deals

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Nov 6, 2022

Qoo10 11.11 Monster Sale Offers Incredibly Cheap Foods From S$0.99 And 20% Off Coupons

Now that November is here, many of you are probably already planning your 11.11 shopping.

Some of you might be getting ready to order that tech gadget you’ve been coveting or adding outfits to cart in anticipation of Christmas, New Years, and Chinese New Years (hey, that many, right? ?).

If you’re more of a foodie, don’t worry, because there are plenty of offers to savor this 11.11, thanks to the e-commerce platform Qoo10 and his beloved Monster Sale.

For example, there will be Golden E-Tickets that you can buy for just S$0.99 to redeem your favorite snacks, as well as discount coupons to help you save even more.

Here are some delicious treats you can save money on Qoo10.

Treat yourself to snacks from Jinjja Chicken, Jollibee & 4Fingers

The snacks are great on their own, but you’ll appreciate them even more after knowing you’ve managed to score them at a great price with Qoo10‘s Golden E-Tickets, which will be released daily at midnight from November 10-20.

Kicking off the offerings a few days earlier, on November 6, is Jinjja Chicken, which Korean fried chicken lovers are sure to be familiar with.

Six Piece Jinjja Chicken Jinjja Wings – S$3.99 (up to S$8.30)
Source: Chicken Jinjja on Facebook

With the Golden E-Ticket, you’ll get their six-piece Jinjja wings for just S$3.99.

For those looking to support a local brand, 4Fingers also offers a six-piece Wingettes & Drumettes dish that is redeemable for the same price.

Qoo10 monster sale

4Fingers Six Piece Wingettes & Drumettes Ala Carte – S$3.99 (until S$8.45)
Image courtesy of 4Fingers

If you’re craving more variety, Jollibee has a one-piece chicken spaghetti and drink set that will make the perfect quick meal.

Qoo10 monster sale

Jollibee One Piece Chicken with Spaghetti and Drink – S$3.99 (up to S$7.75)
Source: Flickr

On top of that, you are guaranteed to have a pizza the hearts of your friends when you get this 2-in-1 pizza from Little Caesars, which lets you pair two flavors to satisfy everyone in the group.

Qoo10 monster sale

Little Caesars 2-in-1 Pizza — S$4.99 (up to $9.90)
Image courtesy of Little Caesars

On busy days when sitting down for a long, leisurely lunch is a luxury, snacking on pastries like Tip Top’s curry and sardine soufflés is the best way to stay satiated.

Tip Top Curry Puff or Sardine Puff – 2 for S$0.99 (up to S$1.80)
Image courtesy of Tip Top

With your favorite names by your side, you can curl up comfortably in front of your phone or laptop for a full day of 11.11 shopping without going hungry.

Stay healthy with affordable and nutritious meals from Stuff’d & Delifrance

It is a common notion that healthy foods are more expensive. While that may be true, it’s still possible to find nutritious dining choices at reasonable prices, and Stuff’d definitely falls into that category.

Daily Stuffed Chicken Bowl – S$4.99 (up to S$8.50)
Source: Stuff’d on Facebook

Menu items like kebabs, quesadillas, and daily bowls are loaded with fresh vegetables and meat. They are also prepared quickly, so you can choose to have them on hectic days.

Now, with a Golden E-Ticket that lets you redeem a Chicken Daily Bowl for just S$4.99, there’s no excuse not to eat healthier.

Alternatively, dig into a Mayo Signature sandwich from Delifrance, which gives you a balanced meal with its toppings of eggs, chicken, seafood, or tuna mayonnaise, plus iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Delifrance Signature Mayo Sandwich — S$2.99 ​​(up to S$7.50)
Image reproduced with the kind permission of Délifrance

It usually sells for S$7.50, but you can sink your teeth into it for just S$2.99 ​​with a Golden E-Ticket.

With rising inflation Food pricesit’s good to know that there are still ways to eat healthy without breaking your budget.

Complete your meal with a dessert or drink from Ji De Chi & Milksha

No meal is completely complete until you have the right drink or dessert to go with it.

Durian lovers will find their perfect partner in Ji De Chi’s tropical fruit series, which includes Durian Pomelo Sago and many more.

Ji De Chi Tropical Fruit Series – S$2.99 ​​(until S$5.80)
Source: Ji De Chi Dessert on Facebook

For drinks, Milksha’s beloved BBT selection will hit the mark with their creamy milk. Initially priced at S$4.80 per drink, you can redeem it for just S$1.99 with its Golden E-Ticket.

Milksha Fresh Milk Tea Latte or Mousse Series with Toppings – S$1.99 (Up to S$4.80)
Image courtesy of Milksha

If you’re feeling super tired or just want to share something with bae, Kopi & Tarts has drinks like Honey & Lemon, Latte, Milk Tea, and Milo that come in a giant XXL size , so you will never be thirsty.

XXL Drinks Kopi & Tarts — S$0.99 (up to S$3.50)
Source: @kopiandtarts on instagram

You’ll get more for your money as each drink can be redeemed for just S$0.99 with a Golden E-Ticket.

With the heat it can get here in Singapore, it’s important to remember to stay hydrated and stay cool.

All the Golden E-Ticket release dates to take note of this Qoo10 Monster Sale

Qoo10The Monster Sale is called that for a reason, and there’s a lot more in store for shoppers than the savings we mentioned above.

But first, here are the dates you’d want to consider if you want to score a Golden E-Ticket, which will be released at midnight November 6 and then daily from November 10-20. here.

  • November 6: Six Piece Jinjja Chicken Jinjja Wings – S$3.99 (up to S$8.30)
  • November 10: Delifrance Signature Mayo Sandwich — S$2.99 ​​(up to S$7.50)
  • November 11th :
    • Little Caesars 2-in-1 Pizza — S$4.99 (up to S$9.90)
    • Milksha Fresh Milk Tea Latte or Mousse Series with Toppings – S$1.99 (Up to S$4.80)
    • 4Fingers Six-Piece Wingettes & Drumettes – S$3.99 (down to S$8.45)
  • November 12: One Piece Chicken Jollibee with Spaghetti and Drink – S$3.99 (up to S$7.75)
  • November 13: Shihlin Oyster Mee Sua — S$2.50 (up to S$5.90)
  • November 14: SF Fruits & Juices Signature Juice Range – S$2.99 ​​(down to S$5.90)
  • November 15: Tip Top 1-For-1 Curry Puff or Sardine Puff – S$0.99 (up to S$1.80)
  • November 16: BaWangChaJi Fresh Milk Tea Series – S$3.99 (until S$7.28)
  • November 17: Daily Stuffed Chicken Bowl – S$4.99 (up to S$8.50)
  • November 18: XXL Drinks Kopi & Tarts — S$0.99 (up to S$3.50)
  • November 19: Shake Shake In A Tub Medium Shoestring Fries – $1.99 (down to $4.70)
  • November 20: Ji De Chi Tropical Fruit Series – S$2.99 ​​(until S$5.80)

These e-tickets are only available for a limited time in limited quantities, so you can set your alarm.

If you’re worried about missing out on a deal or just want to grab them all at once, Qoo10 will launch an avalanche of all Golden E-Tickets on November 11th so you can get everything you want all at once without waiting for their individual launch dates.

Now onto the rest of the deals (I told you there were more)…

Coupons, Prizes and More Await Shoppers at the Qoo10 Monster Sale

Qoo10 gives out daily coupons that save you 20% off your cart during their monster sale.

There will also be Monster Brand Boxes offering up to 80% off big-name brands such as Braun and Tefal, as well as 1-for-1 treats, where – as the name suggests – you can take advantage of one-for-one promotions. one on household essentials such as in the form of laundry capsules and sheets.

Free shipping is always a big draw for online shoppers, and Qoo10 knows that – select items come with free shipping, and the products in their QuickMart section all ship the same day so you can enjoy your new purchases as soon as possible.

If you are a Citibank credit card holder, you will receive S$15 Qoo10 cashback with a minimum spend of S$120. This promotion is valid throughout November, so even if you miss the Monster sale, you can at least walk away with an advantage.

Moreover, the first time Qoo10 shoppers can claim an exclusive 30% off voucher here and layer it over other 11.11 offers to further increase their savings.

And finally, here’s a pro tip: stay tuned Qoo10it is websiteas well as their Facebook, instagramand Telegram pages.

This is where they will announce details of their competitions, where you can win prizes worth up to S$3,000, including an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

With so many benefits, it would be truly awful not to shop around until you stumble upon Qoo10Monster sale from 11.11.

Gourmets can also participate in the hype of 11.11

With the growing popularity of 11.11, more and more retailers are ramping up their offerings to get in on the action and capture shoppers’ attention.

This is good news for us consumers, of course, because it not only means more savings, but also more variety in the offers. Now even foodies can join in the 11.11 fun with their shopaholic friends.

Have fun browsing through all of this year’s sales and let us know in the comments what you’ll get.

This post has been brought to you in collaboration with Qoo10.

Featured image adapted from Jinjja Chicken on Facebook and courtesy of Milksha.