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Amazing 1950 Westcraft RV Trailer Shames Your Airflow


You will probably agree with me that most new Cadillacs are, indeed, luxurious. Compare one of them with a much more expensive Rolls-Royce, however, and the gap would be clear. This is the case with traditional Airstream campers and this surprisingly plush 1950 Westcraft Capistrano. In addition to its flawless tricolor paint job, blue on and under silver, it displays an Art Deco-inspired interior with birch wood paneling, pine floors, period appliances and much more for a California lifestyle. idealistic.

It’s on the auction block at Bring a trailer with a current high bid of $ 240,000. The sale won’t be complete until tomorrow, so there is plenty of time for that number to climb, which it will. It’s prettier than your rich uncle’s pool house and it can be towed anywhere which is great. The only thing is you have to trust other drivers not to break the 33ft trailer that you pull which can also cost more than your wealthy uncle’s pool house.

As you would expect from something so chic, it was recently redone by people whose names are specifically mentioned on the list, as if we should know who they are. Maybe you do if you like the SoCal style, in which case, congratulations! It looks like your kind of motorhome.

The exact type of recreation this Westcraft is good for may also be different from your regular RV. It would be a shock to see this happen in any national park, and the seller even offered a few suggestions on how to use it. They include “a small house, a guest house, a swimming pool, a studio, an office, a man cave, a meditation retreat, a museum exhibit or the centerpiece of a very fine collection of vehicles”. They also mentioned that it would not really suit a highly trafficked population. VRBO, “but that’s only their opinion.”

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Towing with Electric Vehicles, Lexus UX Hybrid, Nissan EV Goals, Biden Rule Breakdown: Car News of the Day


Today, we take a look at why Biden’s admin rules proposed last week are disappointing in their EV goals. The Lexus UX 250h is a high-mileage compact from the luxury brand Toyota. And are electric trailers a game-changer for long distance towing with electric vehicles? This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

A German caravan and motorhome manufacturer, with the help of automotive technology provider ZF, has found a solution to the range reductions faced by electric vehicle drivers when towing: with an electrified trailer that can potentially add autonomy.

Nissan last week announced its “intention” to manufacture battery-electric models accounting for more than 40% of its sales in the United States by 2030. It also said that every all new Nissan vehicle goes to “key markets.” would be electrified by the early 2030s.

The 39-mpg Lexus UX 250h is rolled over for the 2022 model year, but with exciting new colors and body-color coating. The compact model is offered in Europe fully electric under the name UX 300e.

And we gave you a follow-up and deeper dive in last week’s announcement on the Biden administration’s fuel economy and emissions rules. While they may look good at first glance, the rules call for just 8% of full electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, combined, by 2026, up from around 3% now. And when you look at them with the proposed California requirements, the Biden rules suggest very little growth in electric vehicles.


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Download these apps before you go camping


Summer is here, and many of us are packing cars and RVs with camping gear! Before you go on vacation, here are some apps to help you better prepare for what Mother Nature has in store for you.

Tick ​​application

The forest is a huge hotspot for ticks. If you’re concerned about the risk of tick bites in your wooded corner, download The Tick App.

With The Tick App you can download the latest information on tick prevention, how to identify ticks, how to remove them, and see tick activity in your area.

Plus, you can help with research by reporting ticks wherever you are.

Search by iNaturalist

Have you ever encountered a plant or creature on a nature trail and wondered, “what is this?” Instead of spending countless minutes on Google trying to find what you saw, just pull out your camera and “search” for the answer.

Seek can identify insects, birds, plants, amphibians and more commonly recorded, anywhere in the world without the Internet!

Seek draws its data from millions of wildlife sightings on the iNaturalist database created by more than 400,000 scientists and naturalists, so the app is able to identify hundreds of creatures and plants.

Seek out award families for exploring nature with virtual medals, encouraging everyone to learn more about Mother Nature.

My Radar

The most unpredictable factor when planning a camping trip is the weather. Instead of waiting five minutes to see if the weather will change, use MyRadar to quickly see what weather is waiting for you in real time!

Activate the locate feature on your phone, open MyRadar and the app will display an animated weather radar for your current location so you can see if any storms are brewing or nothing but blue skies for your vacation.

You can also access temperature, weather forecast, wind speed, etc.

Offline Survival Manual

There are the glampers, the campers, and then there are the survivalists. If you are planning to go off the grid for your next outdoor adventure, the offline survival manual will be a handy tool in the wilderness!

This highly rated app puts essential survival information at your fingertips, no internet connection required. Fully functional offline, it has information on how to find food, build shelter, build a fire, and more.

The offline survival manual is available on Google Play. For iPhone users, download the SAS Survival Guide from the App Store.

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Baker Mayfield brings QB RV back to training camp

(Photo by Jason Miller / Getty Images)

Do you remember the Cleveland Browns of 2018?

A lot of things from this season may not be worth revisiting, but a tradition has returned in 2021.

He’s the RV quarterback.

The idea for the motorhome originated in 2018, Mayfield’s rookie season, and quarterback Drew Stanton was the architect.

Stanton told Baker Mayfield that a motorhome was needed for Tyrod Taylor, Mayfield and himself to relax and rejuvenate.

Mayfield rented the RV, and we saw it up close during the 2018 season of Hard knocks when Mayfield gave country singer Brad Paisley a peek inside.

Taylor didn’t get all the hype.

At the time, he said:

“It’s just something for us to be able to get out of this. Nothing special or anything. You are all doing a much bigger deal than it should be.

He is back

Fast forward to 2021, and the RV was spotted in the parking lot last week.

The camper van was not a staple at the 2020 training camp due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, it’s not the same RV; rental RVs are sold at the end of each season.

Mayfield is still considering having to pay for the motorhome in his rookie season.

Both the motorhome and who paid for it changed in 2019.

Who is invited inside?

It appears that entry inside the coveted RV is by invitation only.

In 2019, Mayfield clarified who is allowed in.

He said:

“Very few people are allowed to enter here. Invite only. QB for the most part, some coaches, not all. Then special players.

So far, coach Stefanski has not been invited inside.

The RV has become part of the Browns’ training camp folklore.

It’s great to see him back on site at Berea, and we hope to get a preview of the 2021 model before training camp ends.

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10 Long Island food trucks you’ll want to follow wherever they go


The Long Island Airstream Experience Beer & Burger Truck. (Photo credit: courtesy Long Island Airstream Experience)

Food trucks were once mostly limited to hot dog stands in New York City. But these days, you can enjoy delicious meals on wheels all over Long Island. While some serve casual fare, others have gone more upscale. And even the comfort food brought creative touches to classics, like blue cheese pizza and delicious lobster sliders.

Food trucks have become a must-have in clutch situations, like when cheese and crackers just don’t cut it while you’re drinking in a vineyard or brewery. And many of them are available for hire for private events, raising the bar for backyard parties that have become a hallmark of Long Island summers.

From one truck that offers cigars and bourbon to one serving a taste of the Caribbean, here are some of our favorite Long Island food trucks.

The Long Island Airstream experience

This food truck service is kind of a chameleon and has several different options for a trendy Long Island affair. Themes are geared toward adults and include a Cuban cigar and bourbon experience, wine and cheese, boozy brunch, tacos and tequila, beer, and burgers. Depending on which option you choose, you’ll get local drinks like North Fork wines or Long Island craft beers, as well as delicious food like rich cheeses or artisan burgers.

Inside the taco and tequila truck with the Long Island Airstream experience. (Courtesy photo)

Billie Jeans Grill

When life calls for a burger, call Billie Jeans. The restaurant on wheels serves remarkable and juicy patties. There are the traditional classic and vegetarian burgers. Hungry people can also find more creative options like the Drunken Sailor (beer-soaked onions, jalapeños, and cheddar) and blue bayou (blue cheese, red onion, and mayo). Appetizers like beer-battered onion rings and fried pickles are made to be shared, but you probably won’t want to. This food truck can be found at Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard on weekends and at Pat & Don’s Pumpkin Patch Farm stand on Sills Road in Yaphank Tuesday through Friday.

Roll in pizza dough

This pizzeria on wheels is based in Greenport and available for private events, brought to you by the same team behind 1943 Pizza Bar and Brix & Rye. It has become an East End favorite over the year for its wood-fired pizzas that cook in three minutes or less. Owner Matt Michel grows the organic tomatoes used to make the sauces, and the truck sources local ingredients where possible. The results? Pizza that tastes like pure heaven. Besides the traditional cheese and pepperoni pies, customers have a range of more creative options. Raise the bar on your ‘cheat day’ with a mashed potato and bacon pizza or celebrate the East End summer with a topping of fresh corn.

The Rolling in Dough Pizza truck arrives on the beach. (Photo credit: courtesy of Rolling in Dough Pizza)

North Fork Food Truck

This truck, parked on the grounds of the famous local North Fork Table & Inn restaurant, offers an upscale picnic vibe under the direction of chef Steven Barrantes. Consider entrees like corn chowder, asparagus, and shiitake mushrooms. There are also two lobster rolls: the CT Lobby Roll served hot with melted butter and a ME Lobby Roll served cold with mayonnaise and sea salt fennel. Dessert is also on the menu and includes ice cream. vanilla and chocolate chip or lemon thyme cookies.

Jammin jerk

This Caribbean food truck is usually found on Straight Path in West Babylon, but it can come to you too – and will bring with it vibes from a different kind of island. Popular choices include chewy and flavorful jerk chicken, fried dumplings, “Rasta Rasta” with shrimp or chicken and coconut milk, and baked macaroni and cheese with optional jerk bacon (but highly recommended) .

Eat me drink me truck

This food truck is a welcome guest at weddings and backyard parties. Its menu includes multiple burgers with grass-fed beef patties topped with everything from Swiss cheese to a vegan yogurt sauce. There’s also a range of creative tacos and appetizers, including bacon-coated asparagus and stuffed eggs.

Vincent’s Pizza Trailer

Pizza is part of its own food group on Long Island, and Vincent’s Pizza Trailer serves pies that live up to the region’s reputation. There are traditional pies like meatballs, pepperoni and cheese, but there are also creative wood-fired specialties. Suffolk is game day over a slice of pizza. It consists of creamy blue cheese, buffalo bites and mozzarella. Not to be outdone, the Nassau is topped with a gooey melted cheddar cheese and chunky chicken bites. Customers can also build their own. Vincent is usually stationed at the Old World Gym in East Setauket.

Mattitaco Food Truck

The popular Mattituck Restaurant brings the fiesta to local events like the Strawberry Festival, weddings, and backyard parties. The tacos are small but tasty, and the options include seafood, steak, and chicken. Starters include sweet plantains and crisps. You can find this popular food truck outside tasting rooms and wineries like Cory Creek Tap Room in Southold and farms like Sylvester Manor on Shelter Island.

Mattitaco serves several varieties of tacos, but BLT is the ultimate summer bite. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)

Eat elegant

This food truck is based in Nassau but is known to appear in North Fork wineries like Palmer and Clovis Point. And it doesn’t serve your typical food truck, comfort food. The truck brings a more upscale twist to mobile catering with lobster sliders, a shrimp cocktail, and a Greek yogurt parfait topped with dried cherries, granola and pistachios.

The tasty taxi

This bright yellow truck is a staple at Six Harbors Brewing Co. in Huntington and also tours local backyards. Park Ave’s giant pretzel pairs perfectly with a local beer, as do unassuming offerings like chicken and cheese quesadillas, steak kebabs, and wings.

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This $ 1.6 million amphibious motorhome is the perfect retirement vehicle for 007


Motorhomes are rarely the sexiest vehicles. Usually associated with the types of gray nomads who slow down traffic on the Great Ocean Road, neither are they everyone’s idea of ​​traveling in style. But this luxurious Terra Wind Amphibious motorhome is proof that you don’t have to be retired on a budget to travel across the country in comfort.

Made by Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International (CAMI) – a husband and wife company from South Carolina – this is definitely one of the coolest RVs you’ll come across. With over two decades of experience building amphibious vehicles, the Terra Wind Amphibious RV can get to your lakeside destination and transform into a craft to take you across.

The enormous Class A RV measures an impressive 42.5 feet in length and weighs nearly 15,000 kg. That’s right, definitely don’t get it stuck in the sand, or you’ll need a serious tow truck to get you out. Due to its large mass, the motorhome is powered by a 330hp turbocharged Caterpillar 3126E diesel engine, which should get you up all hills without a hitch.

RELATED: Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo motorhome is a smart home on wheels

Thanks to its enormous diesel engine, the Terra Wind Amphibious Motorhome can reach speeds of almost 130 km / h and 8 knots when in the water. But how does it turn into a barge?

It has a pair of 3.9 meter pontoons on each side to maintain balance, while the entire vehicle body is waterproofed to ensure it only hits the shore of the lake and never hits the bottom. . If you do cause a leak, it also has an emergency water pump to keep you afloat until you get back to dry land.

As you would expect for the base model of US $ 850,000 (AU $ 1,155,000) or the premium option of US $ 1.2 million (AU $ 1,631,000), all interior trim is designed to make you feel like you are on a yacht. With its marble tiled floors, granite countertops and teak cabinetry, you’ll feel right at home no matter how you’re used to traveling.

You can find out more below.

Terra Wind Amphibious Motorhome
motorhome 5
motorhome 4
Terra Wind Amphibious Motorhome

Where to buy cheap camping gear in Australia


The expense of shopping at a camping supply store – not to mention the amount of items needed to prepare yourself for the great outdoors – is enough to distract any budget-conscious parent from the notion of a family vacation in the great outdoors. .

But we’ll let you in on a little secret: you don’t have to spend a fortune on tents and advanced equipment to go camping.

In fact, you can get almost anything you need at department stores and hardware chains for a fraction of the cost.

Away from lavish theme park vacations, camping trips give parents and little ones the opportunity to savor the simple things from baking marshmallows to dimming the campfire to stargazing. and the exploration of nature.

9Honey rose to the challenge and we were able to make our own family camping starter kit for just over $ 300 (who knew it was possible?).

We based our starter kit on a family of two adults and two children. Without further ado, here’s what you’ll need and where you can get it for less.

Ultimate Starter Kit for Family Camping – $ 307

Tent – $ 110

(Large W)

Hinterland 4 Person Instant Tent, RRP $ 110, bigw.com.au

Air mattresses – $ 38

(Large W)

Queen Size Backcountry Inflatable Bed, RRP $ 22.00, 2x Hinterland single inflatable mattress, RRP $ 7.50 each ($ 44), bigw.com.au

Sleeping bags – $ 88

Kmart Trail Hooded Sleeping Bag and Unicorn Hooded Sleeping Bag for Kids

2x Trail Hooded Sleeping Bag, RRP $ 29 ($ 58), 2x Kids Unicorn Hooded Sleeping Bag, RRP $ 15 each ($ 30), kmart.com.au

Table and chairs – $ 71

Marquee Black Folding Card Table, Camp Chair
(Kmart / Bunnings)

4x Blue camp chair, RRP $ 10 each ($ 40), kmart.com.au, Marquee Black Folding Card Table, RRP $ 30.99, bunnings.com.au

Book a campsite 101

For those who are new to this area of ​​camping, it should be noted the best time to reserve your campsite.

As with most vacations, there are peak times and popular campsites can fill up well in advance.

If you are planning a getaway during the Christmas holidays, Easter weekend or September holidays, you will need to book your campsite months in advance.

For some high-demand locations, this is akin to participating in a camping lottery, with many popular locations requiring you to enter a voting system long before you can hit the ‘book now’ button.

If you really want to go camping inexpensively, australiancampsites.com.au is a great resource for finding cheap and free campsites in Australia.

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Kings Canyon Resort

Australia’s most breathtaking glampsite yet

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Mother’s Cookies’ former Oakland home listed for $ 1.4 million


An Oakland house that was once owned by Mother’s Cookies founder – Noah Mique Wheatley and his wife, Leopoldine – is up for sale for $ 1.395 million.

An Oakland house that was once owned by the founder of Mother’s Cookies is up for sale for $ 1.395 million. (Open photography of houses)

The family lived in the house from 1925 to 1992, during which time their brand of cookies became a household name in the Bay Area and beyond.

An Oakland house that was once owned by the founder of Mother’s Cookies is up for sale for $ 1.395 million. (Open photography of houses)
An Oakland house that was once owned by the founder of Mother’s Cookies is up for sale for $ 1.395 million. (Open photography of houses)

The 2,705 square foot Mediterranean style home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms and has been updated with high tech amenities. They include automated shades, lights and audio. There is also a large outdoor area with a built-in fireplace, dining hut and cave. A bonus Airstream trailer can be used as a spare room or as a rental.

An Oakland house that was once owned by the founder of Mother’s Cookies is up for sale for $ 1.395 million. (Open photography of houses)

Andrew Pitarre of Compass is the listing agent.

Mother’s Cookies, known for its pink and white iced “Circus Animal Biscuits,” was founded in 1914 in Oakland and was originally sold for $ 1 a box in a horse-drawn cart. The Kellogg company bought the brand in 2008, and it is currently owned by the Ferrero group based in Italy.

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Start thinking about buying your RV for the 2022 season now – Think Local


The demand is described as unprecedented.

More and more people are seeing the many benefits of RVs and RVs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused people to re-evaluate the way they travel, and recreational vehicles are proving to be very popular. Instead of saving for every vacation, the only job RV owners have to do is figure out where to explore next. It’s a reusable vacation.

Recreational vehicles are in such demand, according to Traveland RV general sales manager Tyler Steel, that he doesn’t even plan an off season this winter. As border restrictions between the United States and Canada begin to ease, people will want to get in their RVs and head for the freeway. More and more snowbirds are also considering ground transportation.

Add it all up, and anyone planning a vacation in a new RV in 2022 would be better off starting planning right away. The best way to do this is to visit Traveland RV at 1460 Byland Rd. In West Kelowna or check their website.

“Act now and get the best selection,” says Steel. “Order it however you like. “

The RV industry is booming so much right now that Traveland RV, which is located in West Kelowna, is expanding again. The company added new service bays last year, and now it is building five more to meet demand.

While the high demand may be related to buyers having to make a quick decision, Steel says it should never be. Steel notes that it’s important to make sure you secure the RV that’s perfect for you.

“It’s very important to have the right floor plan,” he says. “Being one of the largest RV dealers, we have access to a significant number of product lines with varied floor plans, such as Rockwood, Springdale, Tiffin, Open Range, Alliance, Entegra, Wildwood, Nucamp and Taxa .

Current circumstances have also led to an increase in the value of used recreational vehicles and motorhomes.

“The market is so strong,” says Steel.

This article is written by or on behalf of the sponsoring client and does not necessarily reflect the views of Castanet.

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Free overnight stays for motorhomes in certain Barrow car parks


TOURISTS in RVs and RVs can now stay overnight for free in a number of Barrow Borough Council-owned car parks.

It is hoped that this move will encourage visitors to stay longer in Furness and spend money on local businesses.

Cllr Ann Thomson, Head of Borough Council, said: “Our Borough is full of historic and listed buildings, a beautiful protected coastline, unique islands and fantastic wildlife, including the only seal colony in Cumbria.

“Not to mention our proud industrial heritage which has made a vital and significant contribution to the character of the region.

“We have great local businesses that have gone through a difficult time in the past 18 months.

“We know that we must do everything possible to attract trade and customs to our borough. ”

RVers can now stay overnight at a total of four sites in Barrow – Barrow Park, Furness Abbey, Biggar Bank and Thorny Nook parking lot on Walney.

In July, Cumbria Tourism began raising the profile of a new 200-mile Cumbrian Coastal Route (CCR) in an effort to encourage RV users to explore lesser-known parts of the county.

The “CCR200” route is divided into smaller sections, all of which can be done in one day. It aims to show that there is “more to Cumbria than it seems” – whether in Morecambe Bay to the south or the Solway Firth to the north.

The decision to allow caravanners to spend the night in Barrow parking lots is the final step in the project.

Cllr Thomson said: “Barrow itself has over 200 listed buildings while the borough is home to a protected coastline, four designated sites of special scientific interest (SSSI), sand dunes and beaches, as well as attractions fantastic like Furness Abbey and the Dock. Museum.

“Many visitors want to explore some of the lesser known but no less special parts of our county and this is a great opportunity to be able to welcome them to the region.”

Cllr Thomson said one of the council’s priorities was to “feed our visitor economy” by “making sure people are aware of the fantastic attractions we have here”.

She said the CCR200 project “would help us do just that”.

A code of conduct for sites is available on the web at barrowbc.gov.uk/visitors/motor-caravans/