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Opinion: Chula Vista officials are wrong to close the park that has become a homeless camp

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Aug 27, 2022

Re “Chula Vista Approves Closure of Ailing Harborside Park” (August 24): First, Chula Vista Elementary School District tries to hide homeless people camping in the park next to Harborside Elementary School with a tarp. Now the city of Chula Vista is throwing up its hands and giving up on the park. It’s a civic disgrace.

Despite all the rhetoric of fairness and social justice from elected officials, it is clear that they treat the western part like second-class citizens. They are closing the only green space in the neighborhood. Other cities and school districts have figured out how to solve these problems.

The Los Angeles City Council has taken significant action by no longer allowing campsites within 500 feet of schools and daycares. This was backed by the Los Angeles Superintendent of Schools.

In Chula Vista, however, Chula Vista Elementary School District Superintendent Eduardo Reyes and the council advocated for the park to be closed. Ashamed. It’s time to stand up for our children, our parents, and the staff at Harborside Elementary.

Bertha J.Lopez

Chula Vista

I was sad to see the Chula Vista City Council’s recent decision to close Harborside Park to homeless people. It’s another reminder of the short-term difficulty of helping the homeless who have nowhere else to camp (until a permanent solution is found). I guess the only way to find a solution to the homeless problem is to file a lawsuit against the city of Chula Vista to force the city to find an alternate site for the homeless.

It would be nice to see the American Civil Liberties Union or a socially engaged law firm speak out on this issue for homeless people affected by this decision. This action by the city of Chula Vista is a sad commentary on society’s feelings towards the homeless. Society wants a solution to the problem of homelessness. This is simply not the solution in his garden.

Bob Collins

El Cajon

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