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Opening of the retreat camp in Rockford

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Dec 7, 2021

A new retreat camp has opened its grounds to the public.

Founders Jarred Sper, Stephen Sper and Kyle Sischo opened Detach Primitive, an off-grid campground, on Monday, December 6, at 3981 Summit Court NE in Rockford.

“We wanted to build a retreat and a reprieve for people to enjoy, disconnect and detach so they could be with themselves and their loved ones and enjoy nature in its beauty,” said Jarred Sper.

Rental structures on the nearly 50-acre property include three tents and two temporary bell tents. Three A-Frames will be completed in a few weeks. Construction of four additional structures, including two smials – or hobbit houses – a yurt and an indeterminate structure, will begin in the near future.

Tents include camp chairs, wood stove, cribs, fire pit, grill, hammock and picnic table. Temporary bell tents include camping chairs, beds with sleeping pads, fire ring, fire ring grill, hammock and picnic table.

A-frames are triangular-shaped cabins on the outside. They each have an attic where visitors can place a bed. Hobbit houses will be built underground on the sides of hills with a floor-to-ceiling view of the outdoors.

The property also includes streams, two hand pump wells and three bathrooms with incinerator toilets. Twenty-five acres of the property will have a recreational trail for biking and cross-country skiing as White Pine Trail runs through the property. The founders said they hoped to include a skating rink on the property.

More information is available here.