• Thu. Jun 23rd, 2022

Nomada’s Barraca 49 Sound Camp Aims To Be The Most Metro-Inspired Nighttime Event

ByDebra J. Aguilar

May 17, 2022

Barraca 49. // Photo by Pierson Kubel

Every First Friday weekend, Novel’s extra parking lot at the intersection of East 20th Street and below Oak Street transforms into a pop-up, dubbed “sound camp” club known as Barraca 49, the hottest nightlife Kansas City’s latest and most inspired. option.

Barraca, which had its first performance on the first Friday in April, is the newest venture from a local arts and entertainment organization otherwise known as Nomada.

Founders Dante Walton, Jason Eubanks and Austin Goldberg created Nomada last year with a vision to foster tasteful and unique new spaces to enjoy music and build community around KC.

Barraca is a way to expand these goals and creates a space that engages participants on a deeper level. “Sound and music bring me to the present moment, so from the moment people see the tent, we want them to be transported,” Walton explains.

The most striking aspect of Barraca is the venue itself, which hosts drinks and dancing in a rare authentic 14-foot-tall 70s military tent. Sun-washed colors and the distinct smell of worn canvas create an instant vibe with palm trees flanking the entryway and vintage furnishings reinforcing a laid-back, retro-chic vibe.

The cargo truck and the mural by Lovespac3

The cargo truck and the mural by LOVESPAC3. // Photo by Pierson Kubel

The “camp” is bathed in the warm glow of a fire emitted from the modified exhaust pipe of a ’71 cargo truck parked next to the tent. Above, much of the Oak Street Bridge is painted by local artist LOVESPAC3 with the phrase, “Time to Transcend,” written in white ink.

The tent is perhaps Barraca’s most talked about feature, but attendees left the event praising Danley’s finely tuned hi-fi sound system. A far cry from the blown and unbalanced live audio setups of other venues, Barraca’s hard-hitting dance music hits the ears with clarity and presence.

While it was easy to get lost in the sound, it was never too loud to have a comfortable conversation or order a drink. Barraca’s music is a curation of dance tracks drawn from all decades and genres, perfectly crystallizing a unique upbeat and happy vibe while remaining effortlessly cool.

The atmosphere in the tent was effervescent and present with twinkling lights reflecting off the disco ball. After speaking with the producers of the event, it became clear that this feeling of transcendence was Barraca’s ultimate goal.

The event has already drawn sizable crowds over the past two First Friday weekends, earning a go-to reputation among Kansas City tastemakers and dance music aficionados. However, with Barraca, the Nomada team aims to offer something more experiential and mindful that goes above other nightlife options.

Walton explains the basic philosophy behind Barraca 49, “It’s about being present, it’s about being aware. We try not to use plastic, all our cups are recyclable and we really want people to take care of them. their environment.”

This state of mind is particularly present in Barraca on Saturday morning. Soul Service, hosted by Rylie Beck, is a calming meditation event that focuses on relaxation and grounding. “We practice meditation, and we wanted to provide a home for that in our space,” says Walton.

While contrasting with the hard-hitting dance music of the nighttime portion, the Nomada team believe Soul Service provides the same ethos: connecting people with other like-minded people through sound and movement.

Barracas Disco Ball Lightshow

Barraca disco ball light show. // Photo by Pierson Kubel

The Nomada team envisions Barraca on a grander scale. “I could see him travel the world,” Walton notes. But with his home in KC, Nomada wants Barraca to be an international talent magnet that draws new crowds to the city’s nightlife.

June appears to be a pivotal time to achieve this goal as Barraca welcomes DJ, record producer and label owner Seb Wildblood for the first time on June 4 as part of his 2022 world tour.

There are countless options around town for listening to music and having a drink, but few foster a collective experience as powerful as Barraca. For those looking for something off the beaten track, keep an eye out for the military tent parked at Carrefour.

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