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New World: how to improve your camp

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Jul 27, 2021

Amazon’s New MMO New world offers a huge world with tons to do and discover. As players progress, they gain access to new quests, items, and features. One feature, in particular, is the immersive camping mechanic, which allows players to create a campsite and use it to rest or craft basic items. As you level up your camp, you will be able to craft higher level potions, dyes, food, and weapon skins. This guide aims to help any players who may be confused with how to upgrade their campsite by New world.

How to upgrade your camp in New World

In New worldD, you will unlock different levels of your camp through specific world quests that will become available as you level up. The lowest level, Camping Tier 1, is accessible at level 5, while Camping Tier 5 can be unlocked at level 55. To start, let’s see how to improve your camp by New worldD at level 2.

To unlock Camping Tier 2 in New worldD, you will first need to reach level 15 to access the “Survivalist, Friends in Fashion” quest. Now head to Monarch’s Bluff and search for a survivor named Bergina Thornton. After a bit of dialogue, she’ll send you to Divine Rise to collect some Tattered Pieces of Silk. You’ll have to fight some tough Skeletons to get the silk, so make sure you have the right level of gear or set up camp nearby in case things go south.

Level 2 New World Upgrade Camp

After successfully acquiring the silk, travel to Everfall and look for a survivor called Odnell Lee. He will reward you with a special item that will allow you to build level 2 campsites. After reaching the next level milestones mentioned above, you will be given similar but more difficult quests to further upgrade your camp in New worldD.

New world will officially release on PC on August 31.