With more than 29 million stays expected before the end of the year, warnings are being issued to drivers to ensure their vehicle is still up to par. New research from Admiral Insurance has found that more than half of motorists do not complete essential checks on their motorhome or motorhome before each trip.

This includes 55% of motorists not checking the condition of the tires and 54% not testing the oil.

52% did not check the water and washer fluid levels, and 51% did not check the tire pressure.

As motorhomes and motorhomes also have a kitchen and toilet and a place to sleep at night, it is important for drivers to carry out additional checks to ensure that these additional parts are functioning properly.

Almost one in five people would not check for leaks or moisture inside the motorhome or motorhome and eight percent would not check if devices are working properly.

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Clare Egan, Automotive Product Manager at Admiral, said: “Although motorists seem confident in their ability to drive an RV or RV, accidents do happen because it is very different from driving a car.

“We recommend that you practice on quieter roads to get used to the maneuvers and parking before setting off on your first road trip.

“Always perform regular maintenance checks to make sure the vehicle is in good working order and make sure you’ve packed all your essentials before you hit the road for a stress-free trip.”

The insurer found that 30% of those surveyed thought it would be acceptable to park in a public parking lot or parking lot.


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But since public parking lots are managed by local authorities, it could be considered a violation of a traffic regulation order, which could lead to a fine.

The only legal places to park while camping are on official campgrounds, although parking on private land with the owner’s permission is also permitted.

Admiral recommends that drivers check a few things before setting off on a trip, especially if you have not been out on the road for a while.

If the van has a roof it is a good idea to lift it a few times, looking both inside and outside the vehicle to make sure it locks properly and does not open. not halfway through the journey.

This is much more common on older vehicles and is often found under the bottoms of doors, around headlights and wheel arches.

When asked if Britons understand whether motorhomes and motorhomes need specialist insurance, eight percent said they don’t think it is necessary.

Another 35% admitted they didn’t know, which means they could drive unprotected.

Before drivers leave, they’ll need the right insurance in place to make sure the vehicle and their belongings are covered.

Motorists will also need travel insurance to cover the trip, especially if they are traveling abroad or driving in Europe.


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