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Mehmet Oz’s commercial dismays TV presenter Jim Gardner, while Doug Mastriano’s vision shows… Russia?

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Oct 7, 2022

Add this to the short list of strict rules for politics in the Philadelphia area: don’t disorder with Jim Gardner.

Possibly a famous TV doctor and Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oza newcomer to Pennsylvania, hasn’t been here long enough to know the legendary news anchor?

oz latest campaign announcement airs a brief clip of Gardner at work on 6ABC, where he has shared “the big story on Action News” every night since 1977. This clip is side-by-side with the video of Democratic candidate Lt. Governor. John Fettermannas Oz criticizes his views on drug policy.

Twitter illuminated this week with questions and concerns about Gardner, who is retiring at the end of this year.

Gardner also expressed his discomfort.

He replied to a concerned commenter, Tweeter“Legally, we have no control over a candidate’s announcement. I don’t agree with that, but there’s nothing I or the station can do about it.

Gardner added in a second tweet“To be clear, I am totally uncomfortable being in a political ad, regardless of the candidate, or the party, Republican, Democrat or any other political persuasion.”

Gardner told Clout he believed this was the first time in 45 years on the air that he had appeared in a campaign ad.

“It’s obviously uncomfortable, to say the least,” he said. “I’m sure some people will assume that the spot reflects a preference attributable to me. I am a registered independent for a reason.

Bernie Prazenicapresident and CEO of 6ABC, told Clout that federal law prohibits the station from censoring or editing an ad by a legally qualified candidate.

The Oz campaign did not respond to Clout’s calls. Oz, who still owns a New Jersey mansion with a view of the Manhattan skyline and several other homes outside of Pennsylvania, bought his Bryn Athyn home in December 2021, shortly after launching his campaign.

Drenched as an upholsterer for months, first by some of the Republicans he defeated in the primary and continually by Fetterman, Oz on the campaign trail often says he grew up just outside of Philadelphia, not far from the Chester County Borough of Kennett Square.

It’s the code for Wilmington, the Delaware city about 11 miles to the southeast (in a different state). But he went to medical school at the University of Pennsylvania, so Gardner should be a familiar face.

Fetterman’s Camp pounded again Oz, with the campaign manager Brendan McPhillips calling Gardner “an institution in Philly & Southeastern PA” and noting the longtime reporter’s objection.

“It’s damn clear how out of touch Oz and his entire crew are,” McPhillips tweeted. “Just ashamed.”

Doug Mastriano used what he calls “an inspirational message” – a four-minute video posted last week — to raise donations in his Republican bid for governor of Pennsylvania.

Vowing to “transform Pennsylvania,” the first two minutes focus on claims that the Democratic nominee, state attorney general Josh Shapiro, failed in his current job. The next two minutes, with moving music, focus on Mastriano’s vision for the state.

A problem here: The Franklin County state senator, who accused Democrats of allowing jobs to be outsourced to other countries, uses stock footage from videographers in Russia, Poland and Belarus to show viewers what he wants Pennsylvania to look like.

21st Century American Bridge, a super PAC that supports progressivestraced the images back to Pexels, a Germany-based stock photo service.

A clip of a couple playing with a toddler while Mastriano talks about parents making a better country for their children – who came from Russia.

A clip of a man working in an industrial environment as Mastriano talks about the end of employment regulations – it’s from poland.

A clip of a boy greeting a mother while Mastriano speaks about advocating for parents’ rights in education — it’s from Belarus.

Mastriano, who limits media interactions to TV, radio and podcast hosts, did not respond when Clout asked for comment.

It began airing its first general election campaign ads this week, with $539,000 of television time booked. Shapiro, who had committed $31 million to aerial ads since May’s primary election, still has $7.7 million to spend on that budget.

Clout told you last week about the disunity troubling the Union League of Philadelphia, which planned to award its gold medal – first awarded to the president abraham lincoln in 1863 – to the governor of Florida. Ron DeSantis next week.

A lot has happened in Florida since then, with Hurricane Ian cutting a path of deadly destruction through that state.

Clout hears the Union League event, as well as a Montgomery County fundraiser for DeSantis hosted by former congressional colleague Rep. Keith Rothfusand owner of University City Housing Michel Karpewas postponed as the governor of Florida focuses on recovering from the storm.

The Union League – motto: The first rule of the Union League is not to talk about the Union League – did not respond to requests for comment. But an email to members of the exclusive club, obtained by Clout, said the event will now take place on January 24.

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