If you pay attention to local issues in any city, you are familiar with the term NIMBY, or “not in my garden”, refers to citizens fighting for their rights over an issue that affects their neighborhood. On August 24, Flagstaff City Council will decide whether to rescind the existing law that prohibits camping on city property. Instead of being a NIMBY issue, it is a NIMFY, or “not in my front yard” issue affecting every homeowner and resident in Flagstaff.

If this ban is lifted, you might encounter people living in vans / motorhomes / motorhomes outside your house or along your alleyway. City parks and parking lots could become camper / RV sites and campers could stay indefinitely. The idea of ​​overturning this law is not well conceived – just imagine the issue of sanitation. I have experimented with campers in front of my house for years. I recently woke up at 1 a.m. as travelers in a Sprinter-type van settled down for the night along the sidewalk.

Downtown residents have dealt with illegal campers for years with little enforcement. If the law is canceled, we can bet that the campers will be more numerous and will stay in all the neighborhoods. So… residents of Coconino Estates to NoHo in Cheshire, Continental to Sinagua Heights, University Heights to Ponderosa Trails, this would become your NIMFY problem.

Concerned citizens speak to city council. Please join us in contacting the Board prior to the August 24 meeting to voice your concerns on this very important issue.

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