A 53-year-old man – nationality unspecified – was arrested in the Algarve last night on “strong suspicions” of starting a fire in a camper van early yesterday morning in which a woman, believed to be his wife / partner, was burned alive.

The macabre discovery of the charred body was made by firefighters attached to the São Bartolomeu fire station in Messines.

They had been called to the scene of the blaze in an isolated area known as Sítio de Calvos, where they found the man trying to put it out.

At this point, the firefighters had no idea that a person was inside the damaged vehicle.

It was only after finding the body “near the kitchen” that a neighbor “aroused suspicion”, declaring to the authorities that the husband was “next to the camper van when the fire started. “.

Indeed, according to information published in the local Portuguese press yesterday, the neighbor claims to have seen the “husband” “Place the victim inside the vehicle and then light him”.

GNR police were the first security force to arrive at the scene. Officers quickly summoned the PJ Judicial Police who escorted the man to their headquarters in Portimão as various forensic activities were taking place.

The man was questioned yesterday afternoon “for several hours”.

He will be remanded in custody on “strong suspicions” of aggravated murder and arson, pending a court hearing, during which more details could be provided.

The tabloid Correio da Manhã explains today that the man and the woman were not “local” in the region.

The motorhome appears to have been parked under a makeshift shelter, suggesting that it may have been parked there for some time.

The neighborhood is isolated, accessible only by a dirt road, and the nearest houses, says CM, are made of wood.



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