• Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

How Camp Yoshi Creates an Inclusive Community with Outdoor Adventure

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Nov 23, 2021

The cocktails are prepared in reusable mugs.

No cell phones are allowed during Camp Yoshi retreats. In fact, some places are so remote that they may not even work, and that’s the point. The community spirit of the excursions encourages group participation in hikes, unloading gear and setting up campsites. In an effort to leave the earth exactly as it was found, Camp Yoshi also emphasizes zero-footprint, zero-waste practice.

All food and beverages are included on Camp Yoshi adventures, along with camping necessities like tents. Stylish Jeep Rubicons take participants through exhilarating four-day itineraries in environments that include California’s Mojave Desert, The Steen Mountains of Oregonand Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. In 2022, another California route was added due to popular demand, and a trip to Moab is already sold out.

“We wanted to encourage more people who look like us to finally give themselves permission to take up space in the desert. We create a safe space, we go there as a group of POCs and allies, take quality equipment and vehicles, eat gourmet meals and leave without a trace,” says Frazier. “Camp Yoshi is an effort to facilitate current generations in outdoor spaces, so that future generations are raised to understand their right to respectfully enjoy the Earth, in all its raw beauty.”