People who enjoy sipping soda with their sheepdog or smashing brewskis with their beagle will soon be able to enjoy a combination park / bar for off-leash dogs in Colorado Springs.

In fact, they call it an “ABARk”.

Fetch Park, slated to open in early 2022 off InterQuest Parkway, features an off-leash green space of mud-free grass for puppy play as well as a dog bathing area, cooling stations for dogs, shaded seating, free Wi-Fi and several super-bright outdoor TVs.

The park will also feature a refurbished Airstream trailer where human visitors can enjoy drinks and socialize. Coffee, beer, wine and liquor, as well as 12 rotating signature cocktails are among the refreshments on offer. “We also have homemade filter coffee, espresso, lattes and a custom nitro cold brew blend,” said Stephen Ochs, Founder and CEO of Fetch Park.

Ochs founded the first Fetch Park in 2018 in Atlanta, followed by a second in Alpharetta. Three additional locations in Georgia are currently underway.

Fetch Park’s location in Colorado Springs – its first location in the west – will host events ranging from live music and stand-up comedy to movie nights and singles (hosted with Park partner Bumble).

Ochs’ love for the American hobby was featured in the design of the park, which resembles an old-fashioned baseball field with murals, concessions, and backlit signage.

Ochs said he conceived the idea of ​​creating the park when he went to see the Florida State football team play in the 2013 California National Championship game. He saw how a family had buckled his tailgate to let his dogs run. It was at this point that Ochs decided to create a social hub where humans and dogs could interact and socialize in a safe environment, he said.

“Back then you had to make decisions between going out with friends after work or going to the dog park with your best friend. At the time, I was working in the alcohol industry and growing up my parents raised dogs. So I have been around dogs all my life. It seemed like my life experiences were pushing me towards this vision, ”Ochs said.

However, the initial concept of Osh was not an instant hit. He said his plan caused the rejection of 86 banks “because of the uniqueness of the concept.” It took him about five years to bring his idea to life.

Colorado Springs investment partner Joanna Thompson didn’t take long to convince.

“Stephen and I discussed an extension of Fetch to the Springs on one of my many trips to Atlanta. All it took was a visit here and Stephen knew Fetch would be a perfect fit, ”Thompson said in a press release.

Thompson said his sister, who lives in Atlanta, introduced him to Fetch Park, which Thompson describes as “heaven on earth.”

She is, unsurprisingly, a dog lover.

“My husky mix, Lilly, loves going to the park. Soon she will be able to go to a park with grass and where employees keep a watchful eye on playing puppies, ”she said. “I can feel comfortable talking with friends over wine or a cocktail from the bar while the dogs get exhausted playing with each other or cooling off in the water tubs.”

Dogs visiting Fetch Park must have up-to-date vaccinations and owners must sign disclaimers stating that their dog is friendly and social, Ochs said. Dogs must be at least four months old, free of fleas and ticks, spayed or neutered if they are eight months or older, and must have up-to-date vaccinations to enter the property, for example

Attendants called BARk Rangers ensure the safety of dogs and owners.

Human visitors to Fetch Park do not pay entry. However, dogs require a membership or a day pass. The cost for a day pass is $ 10, with subscription options ranging from a monthly pass to an annual pass.

“We’re excited to make Fetch a reality in Colorado Springs and can’t wait to introduce everyone to this amazing concept,” said Thompson.

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