• Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

English Dub Review: Laid Back Camp “Caribou-Kun and Lake Yamanaka”

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Aug 31, 2022


Chiaki, Aoi, and Ena buy new camping gear and go camping at Lake Yamanaka. Meanwhile, Rin decides to climb the peak, where she is rewarded with a great view, before finding a place to cook some pasta…

Our opinion

Visiting the hot springs in winter must be enjoyable. Still, it was funny to see Rin use that as motivation. She not only got her permit, but she took a 150km trip to her chosen campsite, which is pretty cheeky of her.

I also found it funny how the “fried eggs” completely won them over there. For his very first solo trip, Rin has been riding really well so far. At least Rin and Nadeshiko managed to admire the city from their respective sides despite the setback of the hot springs.

All in all, it was nice to see the contrast between the two camps. The trio in the campsite and Rin on the gazebo. Detailed recipes are nice. Who doesn’t want to try both? Sad to say, there is far too much snow here to have a decent winter camp. It is possible, of course, but you will have to dig to set up a tent. Nadeshiko’s brief night walk through the winter woods was visually stunning. If there’s anything wrong with this episode itself, it would be for a series that seemed to love livening up small moments like cooking, setting up tents and campfires, and the like. I think this episode overdid the static shot sequences despite how grand they looked. Other than that, there wasn’t much memorable comedy other than one of the characters saying out loud that she had “wee a bit” due to a jump scare.