Summer is here, and many of us are packing cars and RVs with camping gear! Before you go on vacation, here are some apps to help you better prepare for what Mother Nature has in store for you.

Tick ​​application

The forest is a huge hotspot for ticks. If you’re concerned about the risk of tick bites in your wooded corner, download The Tick App.

With The Tick App you can download the latest information on tick prevention, how to identify ticks, how to remove them, and see tick activity in your area.

Plus, you can help with research by reporting ticks wherever you are.

Search by iNaturalist

Have you ever encountered a plant or creature on a nature trail and wondered, “what is this?” Instead of spending countless minutes on Google trying to find what you saw, just pull out your camera and “search” for the answer.

Seek can identify insects, birds, plants, amphibians and more commonly recorded, anywhere in the world without the Internet!

Seek draws its data from millions of wildlife sightings on the iNaturalist database created by more than 400,000 scientists and naturalists, so the app is able to identify hundreds of creatures and plants.

Seek out award families for exploring nature with virtual medals, encouraging everyone to learn more about Mother Nature.

My Radar

The most unpredictable factor when planning a camping trip is the weather. Instead of waiting five minutes to see if the weather will change, use MyRadar to quickly see what weather is waiting for you in real time!

Activate the locate feature on your phone, open MyRadar and the app will display an animated weather radar for your current location so you can see if any storms are brewing or nothing but blue skies for your vacation.

You can also access temperature, weather forecast, wind speed, etc.

Offline Survival Manual

There are the glampers, the campers, and then there are the survivalists. If you are planning to go off the grid for your next outdoor adventure, the offline survival manual will be a handy tool in the wilderness!

This highly rated app puts essential survival information at your fingertips, no internet connection required. Fully functional offline, it has information on how to find food, build shelter, build a fire, and more.

The offline survival manual is available on Google Play. For iPhone users, download the SAS Survival Guide from the App Store.

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