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Day Club Palm Springs was the perfect way to get away during Coachella

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Apr 29, 2022
Photo credit: Keiki-Lani Knudsen for Day Club Palm Springs

As thousands flocked to Coachella to get their fix of live music, Day Club Palm Springs provided an intimate experience and fun in the sun.

Coachella has made a name for itself as one of the best festivals on the planet over the past two decades with jaw-dropping line-ups, tasty food, and plenty of unique experiences for attendees. While many choose to camp at the festival, others flocked to hotels and other lodging options in Indio and the surrounding Palm Springs area over the weekend. Noting this trend, Goldvoice sought to bring fun in the sun to those staying off-site with the latest edition of Palm Springs Day Club.

This year, the Day Club Palm Springs was nestled about 40 minutes north of the festival site at Hilton Palm Springs – and true to form, it boasted its own impressive range. Headliners were from the Coachella lineup itself, including Duck Sauce, John Summit, Tchami, VNSSA and Madeon, but instead of being in a crowd of thousands, the experience was much more intimate at the place. In fact, those who attended the editions of splash house in the past might be familiar with a similar vibe when capturing a set at the Saguaro during this weekend-long festival.

As someone who usually camps out at Coachella, and did so during the first weekend of this year, attending Day Club PS always seemed like a pipe dream. Getting out of the campgrounds to get to Palm Springs would be a pain, but I couldn’t help but check it out on a last-minute trip to the desert on the second weekend of its festivities. Chami and VNSSA were to take the stage that day, accompanied by supporting artists, including Lucati, MLTDand Goods damaged – and I was ready to be taken to the paradise of homes.

Palm Springs Day Club 2022
Photo credit: Keiki-Lani Knudsen for Day Club Palm Springs

Light traffic on the Los Angeles road delayed arrival at the modest Hilton Palm Springs, but we quickly found parking and headed inside to start dancing all day.

This may have been because it was a Sunday show during the second weekend, but Day Club PS wasn’t too crowded when we first entered the pool. Having been surrounded by massive crowds the weekend before and at Exchange LA two nights before, this was something I welcomed with open arms. Everyone had plenty of space to dance, splash around in the pool, and hang out with friends.

Security was a breeze getting into the pool, just a quick check of our wristband and bag and we were in seconds. After a long drive there was no doubt that a cold drink in hand was a necessity, and one of the first big surprises came with my experience at the bar. Just like the tickets, which were only $25 at base price, the drinks were also pretty cheap, between $12 and $16, with a wide variety of options.

Lucati and VNSSA at Day Club Palm Springs 2022
Photo credit: Keiki-Lani Knudsen for Day Club Palm Springs

As Lucati took the stage and enjoyed himself behind the decks, the crowd that had gathered in front of him walked away with lots of dance moves.

The Shufflers were out in force as Lucati dropped his highly selected tracks. As they showed off their best moves, others were clearly having fun in the pool or other areas doing hula hoops and more. During his set, I took the time to explore the place a little beyond the bars that lined the walls of the pool. There were a few food options just outside the area (and the tacos were delicious), as well as a Dock activation that offered a free pair to anyone who left their sunglasses at home. Both were a pleasant surprise, and the food in particular was something we badly needed to keep us all energized during the show.

A little after, VNSSA also brought the heat, kicking the energy up a notch while layering tracks that were dripping with tech house and disco vibes. Having sadly missed her and Tchami at Coachella the weekend before, it was great to be back and dancing to her tunes. Finally, the man of the hour, Chami, also delivered some sensational tunes during his set as he closed out Day Club PS in style. There are few artists who have the ability to mix so many different styles of house music in one performance, but he did it perfectly.

Tchami at Day Clubs Palm Springs 2022
Photo credit: Keiki-Lani Knudsen for Day Club Palm Springs

Although my experience at Day Club Palm Springs was brief, it’s safe to say that this series of pool parties is the perfect escape.

Whether you’re already attending Coachella and looking for a break from the dusty Polo Grounds for a day or you’re someone on a budget who just wants to catch your favorite DJ, Day Club Palm Springs will meet your needs. Not only did this show feel like a slice of Splash House with slightly cooler temperatures, but the intimate nature of the venue created something special for anyone who chose to attend. Look out for Day Club PS to return in the future, because you won’t want to miss the fun!

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