The finalist received a $ 1,000 cash prizes and the top 10 finalists will each receive a $ 10,000 discount on the RV’s suggested retail price

AUSTIN, Texas, August 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Stream It, Inc. on Monday announced an overwhelming response to its CyberLandr contest with more than 10,000 entrants. To show gratitude, everyone who entered the contest and shared it with at least one person via social media is now a winner.

In addition to the grand prize winner receiving a CyberLandr and the finalist receiving a $ 1,000 cash prize, the top 10 finalists will each receive a $ 10,000 discount on the recommended retail price.

Additionally, the thousands of entrants who shared a link to the contest with at least one other person will receive a referral discount of $ 200 in addition to the other referral bonuses they will receive when someone uses their referral code. Referral codes give both the referrer and the referrer a $ 200 discount on their CyberLandr. Referral bonuses are cumulative, so it is possible to earn significant discounts or even a free CyberLandr.

“The CyberLandr is by far the most ambitious Tesla accessory I have seen to date. I wish the team the best of luck in the tough road ahead in achieving this grand vision which has the potential to make the Cybertruck an even better adventure vehicle. »Says the big winner Frédéric Lambert.

Grand Prize Winner: Frédéric Lambert

Free CyberLandr rated at $ 49,995

Finalist: Michael perkins

$ 10,000 extra discount $ 1,000 cash

Additional finalists

$ 10,000 delivery:

  • Julie ellis

  • Guillaume Nixon

  • Steven grella

  • Laurie-Lyn Harrison

  • Ray yu

  • Chris Igne

  • Raj (TeslaRaj)

  • Brenda Jones

  • Glenn stockton

More than 5,000 competitors:

$ 200 Referral bonus

CyberLandr congratulated the winners and is delighted to see where they are taking their CyberLandr and how it improves their lifestyle.

Separately, when asked about the possible delay in bringing Cybertruck to market, Cyberlandr CEO Lance King said, “Our goal remains the same: for everyone’s CyberLandr to be ready when their Cybertruck is ready. We will use any additional time to continue testing and refining CyberLandr. ”For example, the CyberLandr team and Sandy Munro The team will be meeting soon for one of their famous multi-day brainstorming sessions to explore ways to further improve design and manufacturing. Munro & Associates is an expert in lean design and manufacturing.

About CyberLandr
CyberLandr is a high-tech luxury motorhome that turns Tesla’s Cybertruck into a base camp for urban or wild adventures. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and solar energy, CyberLandr allows you to make your home any place your wheels and imagination can take you with its zero aerodynamic drag. CyberLandr is a product of Stream It®, the developer of the first real-time mobile analytics platform that turns video and sensor data into business intelligence. To learn more, visit

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