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Compact Camp Quilt: Klymit Horizon Backpacking Blanket Review

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Sep 12, 2022

Camping blankets may be heavier, but they are also more comfortable. For frequent backpackers who value comfort, Klymit’s new hiking blanket is for you.

Hike 8 miles in nature, drop your pack at a campsite and what’s the first thing you want to do? Probably make camp. But the top of my list is usually to pull out a blanket or camp chair and take a break first.

Especially when hiking I tend to opt for a camping blanket – they can be as light as a hiking chair and are more versatile as you can use them for warmth, comfort, ground protection or additional insulation while sleeping.

One of my favorite gear items I’ve tested this summer is Klymit’s new hiking blanket – it’s super packable, comfortable and durable. And, there aren’t many covers like this (we’ll compare it to Camp Rumpl’s cover boss below).

A black Labrador puppy lounging on the Horizon Blanket after a 4 mile hike; (photo/Mary Murphy)

In short: Comfort level on the trail has nothing to do with someone’s age or hiking experience. Some people prefer to travel as light as possible, others prefer a few comforts suitable for backpacking, and others don’t care about the weight of their pack.

Whichever Category You Fall Into, Here’s Why Klymit Horizon Blanket worth a try – for camping or hiking, or both. It offers insulation, great size as well as packaged size, durability, and price.

Klymit Horizon Hiking Blanket Review

open klymit blanket

The first test of any blanket, for me, is durability. The synthetic insulation is enough for padding and comfort, but not too much to be bulky. I didn’t lose any fill or see any breakouts along the seams (as is sometimes the case with down).

Finally, the size – 58 by 80 inches – is impressive for its compact size and perfect for one or two people. In my case, I’ve used it for backpacking, camping, and backpacking with my pup and myself.

Overall, I found the warmth of the blanket sufficient for nighttime temperatures between 35 and 55 degrees. For something colder, I might want more insulation. However, the purpose of the blanket is not to provide the right amount of warmth while sleeping (which is what my sleeping bag is for).

It’s more complementary, whether I’m looking for cuddly comfort or to cut through the chill of a stiff alpine wind.

The details: fabric, materials and insulation

klymit cover straps

The first thing I noticed while backpacking and backpacking with this blanket was the fabric. It’s certainly lightweight, but still durable (with a 20 denier exterior). It packs away nicely in the included stuff sack, and you can tell Klymit is lightweight with the fabric here too.

Another note: I’m very picky about synthetic covers that are slippery or slippery – Klymit’s eschews that texture for me.

I’ve had no issues with the bag so far, and the compression straps are a must to compress when carrying in a bag. I really like the stuff sack on this blanket as opposed to stuff sacks or blankets with a simple drawstring or wheelie bags.

How the Klymit Horizon stacks up

Besides the fabric, the Horizon hiking blanket has 170 g/m² synthetic insulation. Yes, it is a little less compared to, say, the Rumpl NanoLoft Puffy (with 200gsm), but this blanket is also more compact, slightly larger, and $70 cheaper than the NanoLoft.

Stacked against a comparably priced blanket, like the $129 Kelty Galactic Down, the Klymit Horizon is taller overall on both sides and folds down to the same size and weight. For $20 more, you get 550 infill in the Kelty, as opposed to Klymit’s synthetic infill.

We won’t compare it to a bunch of other big name blankets like the Original Rumpl, LLBean’s Stowaway or REI Camp Blanket because they aren’t marketed for backpacking.

But at a glance, the Klymit Horizon offers a huge unboxed size (over 6 feet long) compared to a fairly small packaged size.

Klymit Horizon hiking blanket

  • Tissue: 20 denier polyester
  • To fill: PrimaLoft Silver, weight 170 gsm
  • Cut: 58 x 80 in.
  • Dimensions packed: 11.5 x 7 x 7 in.
  • Weight verified: 1.76 lbs.
  • Price: $109

Size and value

Finally, let’s get to the obvious: a blanket is not essential, unless you opt for a duvet instead of a sleeping bag. So yes, that means we’re talking about extra weight.

For many, this will not be a deciding factor. For some who only backpack for a few days at a time, you might not understand why adding a camping blanket to your kit can be so great. But this review is for everything else – people who don’t necessarily count ounces but travel light and spend many days hiking and sleeping on the ground.

klymit size
The packed size of the Klymit hiking blanket is quite impressive; (photo/Mary Murphy)

This is personally the category in which I place myself. I’m not into hiking or breaking a crazy record, so I can afford the little luxury of a blanket. And being someone who spends a lot of time on the trails means I want to be comfortable when we pitch that tent at the end of the day.

Like most of us who have accumulated gear over the years, I have many ways to configure my pack – and my sleeping kit – depending on the trip and the season. For anything between 3 and 7 days, at least in the summer and fall, I’m definitely going to make the choice to pack this blanket.

And here’s the best part, if you don’t want to carry the extra weight, then don’t. You can always take the blanket with you!

For example, take a sleeping bag at 30 degrees instead of 20; give up that second or third pair of pants; opt for this blanket instead of a padded seat or hiking chair.

There are plenty of ways to reduce the weight of your pack elsewhere to make room for the Klymit hiking throw. For those who don’t care about the extra pound, just throw it away.


We loved this blanket during testing from early spring until now. He’s been wrapped, wrapped, cuddled, slept on, and stomped on, and he still gets the job done. It might not be the warmest, but for a backpack-friendly weight, it’s packable, comfortable and, best of all, a good size.

If we had to choose a jerk? The 20-denier synthetic outer wrinkles easily (but so does most things when pushed into a stuff sack).

Conclusion: Make room in your pack for this blanket and you’ll have a much better time when you finally get to camp after a long day on the trail.

Check the price at Klymit

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