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Clarkco gets a ‘new’ way to camp

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Dec 22, 2021


If you’ve been wanting to camp, but never wanted to worry about buying everything you need to camp, then Clarkco State Park near Quitman has you covered.

Clarkco has become the latest state park in Mississippi to partner with “Tentrr’s” – which offers a different option to traditional camping.

Basically, Tentrr’s provides tents, foam mattresses, camping tables, benches, chairs, fire pits, grills, coolers, trash cans and more. The tents can accommodate two to six people.

“It’s going to appeal to all ages,” Clarkco State Park Superintendent Tony Fleming said. “Some of the comments and people who have inquired about this relate to entire families. We have them where two families can come and camp together. We have a few that are in a remote area there if you are on your own. It will be for all ages. People love camping and enjoying the outdoors and all that and we have a new way for them to do it.

“It’s for our people who don’t normally go out and get tents or don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on camping gear that you need to go camping,” campground manager Brendan Hamburg said. “We have everything here for you. Your platform. Your tent. The roof over your head. Your bed. You don’t have a bed when using a tent, so I think that’s an amazing idea.

There will be nine Tentrr’s installed at Clarkco and they hope to be available for hire by January 6.

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