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City of Kenton Parks and Recreation Board Meeting Minutes Provided – WKTN

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Aug 19, 2022

The Kenton Parks and Recreation Board met August 10, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. at the France Lake Refuge/Saulisberry Park. Board Chairman Doug Carmean opened the meeting.

Present: Thom Purcell, Joe Burgbacher, Doug Carmean, Tahsha Heydinger, Jacqualine Fitzgerald, Mayor Lynn Webb, Council Robin Jones.
Member of the Board of Directors, Michelle Musser was absent and excused.
Present to the media – Tim Thomas


Hearing neither corrections nor additions, the minutes are approved. Joe Burgbacher moved to second and Thom Purcell moved to second the motion.

.Peddle on the Lac de France. Council members voted to allow this at the lake, and they must have a permit for the boat. Joe Burgbacher made a motion to approve the paddle boat and he was seconded by Tasha Heydinger. Vote passed 3-1 with opposition from Thom Purcell.

.We are still working on installing cameras in the parks. It all comes down to Wi-Fi and where the images go.

New business:

.The board has chosen September 21 at 6:00 p.m. as the date for our next board meeting. We will go as a group to visit all the parks and the swimming pool to see what it takes.

.Looking at a date in October, where we can meet to start working on the quarry and the parts we need to purchase with the funds from the capitol budget allocated to us.

.Also talked about the new tarmac road which was donated anonymously. It’s great and we needed it… people tend to drive a lot faster now. Thom Purcell suggested speed bumps, Mayor Webb agreed but said it takes money and who is going to do it? Thom Purcell said his group would check the speed bumps, they can be bought and he would talk to his group about the Rich Purcell Memorial Fund and be willing to buy if it would help. We will come back at the next meeting to discuss this further.

Public Participation: None Capital Budget Update – We will choose a date in October to meet at the quarry to go over each piece of equipment that we will need to purchase with the grant.

Saulisberry Park / France Lake – We grew 28% this year over last year’s revenue. The last day for campers is October 31.
We discussed the grant we received for the Veterans Fishery and how we would proceed as we have already sold most of our licenses for 2022. After speaking to Julie Crowe about the elk we will post information on free veterans fishing licenses for the 2023 season. . We will give them a marked receipt for the 2023 season and enter all of their information into our software in 2023 and deposit the funds in 2023. I have spoken with camp managers and Deb Purcell is fine with this as veterans can use Quarry opening hours to get their vouchers.

Pool Update: The 2022 pool season was a success this year as we are 36% ahead of last year’s revenue. We have closed the pool a week earlier than planned as all of our guards and workers will be returning to school/college and sports. Jacqualine will see if there is any interest in recruiting retirees who would be interested in becoming certified lifeguards. They would not have to undergo rigorous training as they could only guard in the child or 5 foot zone.
Tim Thomas asked if there would be a dog swim at the end of the season. We won’t do them anymore because all the dog hair clogs the filtration system and makes the pool very dirty and hard on our equipment.

Parks update:

-Wharton- Friends of the late Mason Bloom will host a Frisbee Golf Tournament on October 1 at 1:00 p.m.

-Murray- The last day for the wading pool is after Labor Day. The city team will take the Sani vacuum to dig to find the broken pipe so that we can fix and operate the mushroom piece next year. Talked about getting new parts for the splash pad. Tim Thomas suggested considering a grant for nature work.

-Pioneer- Need to come up with a plan for this park. Do we keep it? Update old equipment? We will talk about it step by step

-Glendale- Need to come up with a plan for this park. Do we keep it? Update old equipment? We’ll talk about that in our review.

-Jerry Cross- N/A

All business is over, the meeting is adjourned.

Next meeting of the board of directors on September 21, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

Bring your walking shoes, as we will tour all the parks and the pool.