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Camp Pickle reconnaissance sites in the Atlanta area

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Oct 23, 2022

Atlanta is on the radar for future business development by an entrepreneur Robert Thompson. He plans to bring camp pickleits new restaurant and gaming concept, in the city by 2026.

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Joining the growing pickleball trend, the site’s main feature will be 10-14 indoor and outdoor pickleball courts, as well as a restaurant and bar.

Atlanta was a no-brainer for Thompson when choosing cities. “I never tire of people, economic vitality and hard-working teammates,” he said. He is currently trading at several venues around the city.

With Camp Pickle, Thompson returns to a summer camp atmosphere with tent-like wooden structures. Guests (i.e. campers) can get nostalgic playing vintage games like duckpin bowling, darts, horseshoes, and deck shuffle. Campfire-style food and drinks are provided to match the theme. Drinks will include cocktails made inside old Coleman coolers, enhancing the outdoor and camp atmosphere.

“We think the 22-year-old will find it kitsch and the 65-year-old will find it nostalgic,” Thompson said. A catering service will be offered on site. Tents, cabanas and fire pits are provided to keep players and guests warm and sheltered from the weather.

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the country, and the fact that the sport includes all skill levels and ages has made the activity an attractive investment idea for Thompson. Players are ready to start and end their day playing this sport.

“Playing from morning to midnight generates revenue all day,” he said. “In the past, ‘eatertainment’ didn’t have the option to activate at 8am”

However, Thompson is well aware of the competition, with other pickleball spots opening up quickly. “A lot of the pickleball concepts coming to market seem to be geared more towards racquet clubs than cutting-edge entertainment venues,” he said. “Camp Pickle is experiential and a complete brand experience.”

Thompson is ready to make this healthy and addictive sport a destination, but customers don’t need to have a racquet in hand to fully enjoy the experience. With Camp Pickle’s signature big tent, cozy fire pits and an estimated 55,000 to 75,000 square feet, “play or not, either way, everyone’s guaranteed to have a great time,” he says.

The size of the place makes it possible to organize events and special occasions. “Our approach is to create these food and drink-centric social game activation concepts in large environments, both for people a la carte on the street and large enough for large event opportunities. company,” Thompson said.

The first site opens in Huntsville, Alabama in 2024.

Photo: Courtesy of Camp Pickle
Photo: Courtesy of Camp Pickle