• Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

Camp Observations, 8/16: Antonio Gibson Sees Change in Duties

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Aug 16, 2022

ASHTRAY — Antonio Gibson put a solid block on the player crossing the line. However, instead of the collision happening on offense, it happened during a special teams period.

During Tuesday’s camp practice, Gibson was spotted doing rehearsals with the punt coverage unit as one of the protectors behind the frontline blockers. In past practices, Brian Robinson Jr. occupied this place.

Then, in the ensuing two-minute 11-on-11 practice period, Gibson was relegated to the third team in the unit led by Sam Howell. It’s an offense that likes to mix with running back, but Gibson’s deployment on Howell’s group was a new development. To be fair, he also got work with the first stringers in other parts of the action, so it’s not like he was totally demoted.

Of course, these events follow Gibson’s fumble against the Panthers in the club’s preseason opener, a turnover that Ron Rivera was quite critical of in his postgame presser. On Tuesday, he did not go into any depth about why the change in Gibson’s duties was happening. Perhaps Rivera wanted to remind Gibson that such mistakes are not acceptable.

Here’s a collection of non-Gibson related notes from Tuesday…

  • All in all, this was probably the most entertaining and spicy chapter of Camp for Commanders so far. There were highlights galore as well as many lively discussions, with the most intense back and forth between Kendall Fuller and Terry McLaurin. McLaurin managed to get behind Fuller and had a breathtaking reception after doing so. From there, McLaurin could be heard yelling at Fuller for “disrespecting the whole pitch,” meaning he wasn’t happy with the way Fuller sat on the shorter routes. Fuller came back to him. Typically, these two are more reserved, so watching them express their differences so loudly was a quality thing.
  • All that energy, however, did not satisfy Rivera, who assembled his squad after practice for a five-plus-minute speech that showcased serious passion. Rivera declined to detail exactly what angered him so much, but there were a few streaks Tuesday that ended with extra physicality and guys getting down, which has troubled him in the past.
  • It’s well established that the tight ends room is a messbut the guard position is apparently trying to catch up in this race. Trai Turner is still does not fit, Andrew Norwell was again without pads and Wes Schweitzer walked into the medical tent for a hip problem in the middle of the morning. Somewhere else, sammis reyes was placed on injured reserve. To find out more, visit here.
  • Curtis Samuel’s practice follow-up is gaining momentum, as Samuel was a full participant on Tuesday, just as he was on Monday, which means the count is now up to of them. Those two appearances add to his output in Saturday’s game with Carolina, and given that, it’s no exaggeration to say that this has been Samuel’s most encouraging news streak since he took over. joined Washington in March 2021.
  • William Jackson III had a very strong session, which included interception Carson Wentz, which qualified as Wentz’s first gift in pads. Wentz was looking for McLaurin on the right sideline on a back road, but Jackson pressed McLaurin from the start, ran over for him, then turned right as McLaurin did. Cover was so tight the bullet hit Jackson III in the stomach. He also landed a long shot for Dyami Brown where Jackson III’s speed really stood out. He’s on track for a much better year.
  • Stealing Jackson III wasn’t the only interception for Wentz, as he also had one of his passes through the middle that got bumped and, ultimately, hugged by Jamin Davis. It was really nice to see Davis having one. It improves subtly, sure, but more obvious impact plays like that are needed.
  • A commander who has been bursting in lately is Danny Johnson. Johnson was a bit invisible in the first handful of July and August outings, though that trend was officially over after a stunning one-handed pick in the red zone 11-on-11. Johnson cut a float from Taylor Heinicke, caught it with his right hand then sprinted to the other end zone. If it was a fall Sunday, it probably would have counted for a 100-yard touchdown. He’s heading into lockdown territory for the final roster, if he’s not there already.