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Camp EDC has proven it can be its own festival

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Jun 5, 2022
Photo credit: Keiki-Lani Knudsen for Insomniac Events

This year’s edition of Camp EDC at EDC Las Vegas offered unique experiences and great music that could have made it a standalone festival.

Since Insomniac add the EDC camp experience at EDC Las Vegas in 2018, it has continued to improve year after year. Nestled on the north side of the Las Vegas Motor Speedwaythe paved parking lot is transformed into a home away from home for headliners filled with activities, amenities and exclusive settings that might justify it being a standalone festival all on its own.

Just like previous years, our group opted for RV camping and made sure to arrive early Thursday morning so we could find a great spot and get ready for the launch party later that night. . We stopped at the RV security checkpoint and were parked in our spot within an hour. Once set up, unpacked, and plugged in, we ventured deeper into the campgrounds to see what else Camp EDC had to offer.

The layout of The Mesa remained the same as last year’s edition. Familiar sites like the bamboo stage, Ferris wheel and huge shade structures that hosted workshops and activities were present. The Tea and Juice Pavilion and its sandy beach greeted those coming from the entrance to the Sapphire lot, and there were also shade structures throughout The Mesa by food vendors.

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There have been a few new changes to the Mesa and Camp EDC as a whole this year.

One of the biggest additions was more pools by the It’s Kraken stage so more headliners could attend parties each day. The pools added were a blessing in disguise due to some accidents causing a few to close at different times throughout the weekend. Day trip and Insomniac Records took over the scene next to the swimming pools on Friday and Sunday, while Bassrush brought some serious wubs on Saturday. There was no better way to beat the heat than on those parties as the tunes blared from its speakers each day from 1-5 p.m. with performers like Cloonee, Riot Ten, FuntCase, Matroda, Shiba Sanand LP Giobbi play special sets.

EDC camp 2022
Photo credit: Keiki-Lani Knudsen for Insomniac Events

Another significant change was the inclusion of Lot Turquoise.

Those looking to stay in a quiet neighborhood and avoid the craziness of The Mesa will love this terrain, but be aware that it’s quite a trek to get to the central hub – so be sure to bring your bike if you want. can to save your legs a bit. Additionally, the members of Camp OG made their presence known towards the festival entrance with a row of sound camps playing everything from classic rave tunes to drums and bass. It was a great place to visit if you wanted to get some different sounds from those playing elsewhere.

Camp EDC also featured a GoPuff center that sold a variety of snacks and other items. It was right next to the Insomniac Merchandise booth which featured much of the same merchandising as inside the festival, but also included specialty Camp EDC merchandising. Much like their activation inside EDC Las Vegas itself, those who wanted to relax in their ShiftPod or RV’s Ac could even have their items delivered directly if they ordered through the mobile app.

EDC camp 2022
Photo credit: Kristina Bakrevski for Insomniac Events

The bamboo stage was packed Thursday night for the launch party and provided a home for those who continued each morning.

Thursday evening, the resumption of turntables was deeper purpose, Yolanda be cool, IDand FISHERMAN. As the headliners arrived at Camp EDC, the Bamboo stage became more crowded, almost making it feel like you were on a stage inside EDC Las Vegas itself. The Mesa swelled with activity as friends reconnected, grabbed food and drinks and danced until the tunes stopped at 3 a.m.

This stage would also come to life at 5 a.m. each morning after EDC Las Vegas. ADIN and Clapton played an epic set on Saturday morning, while Sunday morning featured John Summit and Lee Foss in the same way Joshua to keep the bender vibes high from those who hadn’t had a gas the night before. And the whole weekend was capped off with a monumental performance by one of the scene’s hottest artists, Culture of the vintagewho had everyone dancing with him throughout his opening to closing set.

EDC camp 2022
Photo credit: Keiki-Lani Knudsen for Insomniac Events

That wasn’t all in store for those staying at Camp EDC this year, as there was plenty to do outside of the pool parties.

Many activities were organized in the Sol Orange, Tierra Green and Cascada Blue shade structures. Fan favorites like goat yoga returned, while other workshops centered around meditation, shuffling, and more. also took place throughout the day. Those looking to get their body marbled or even their hair done had plenty to choose from, and these areas also provided a cool place to relax in the heat of the day.

This year, just beyond the pool, there were carnival games such as the classic ring toss, with stuffed animals and varying prizes. Two of my friends won a small dog and an oversized pig in a blanket through shooting hoops. While it never seemed too busy in terms of lines, given the number of people walking around with stuffed animals, it was clear that these games were busy all weekend. Not to mention the roller skating rink which offers its sound system and disco balls for a completely retro atmosphere.

The variety of food was wide and felt even wider than in previous years. Typical festival offerings like chicken tenders, pizzas, rice bowls and tacos, but some of the standouts included stacked grilled cheeses and agua frescas, smoothies and ice cream. Some of the stalls were more popular than others, and going to eat at peak times meant a bit of a wait, but there were plenty of places to choose from.

This year’s vendor village has also grown with more shade and fans while you shop. Vendors selling holographic art, pashmina, custom clothing, flags, candies and even a speaker system raffle booth were present. Many offered custom orders that could be delivered after the festival without having to worry about carrying them with you.

EDC camp 2022
Photo credit: Kristina Bakrevski for Insomniac Events

Each edition of Camp EDC has had a few hiccups, but this year’s issues were pretty minor in the grand scheme of things.

Those planning their trip to Camp EDC in the future should be aware that the AC units inside the tents tend to struggle during the hottest hours of the day. There was also a bit of a misunderstanding for some RV campers who arrived later Thursday night, which meant they had to move out the next day. And yes, a few pools were closed at different times, and someone decided to destroy every toilet seat in the bathrooms for one reason or another. Yet compared to previous editions where there was a lack of water for showers, there were not enough portable potties, or the power went out several times – all of which was minor in comparison.

When you’re at Camp EDC, you feel like you’re at a self-contained festival.

Camp EDC could be its own festival without EDC Las Vegas connected to it, and it would be well worth the cost. Insomniac ensures that there is never a dull moment for anyone staying on site. From the sheer number of people staying there for the weekend and the large expanse of The Mesa to the seemingly non-stop music and fun amenities on offer, it felt like living in a separate world.

We’ve said in the past that Camp EDC is the best way to experience EDC Las Vegas, and that’s still true, especially after this year. Will we see you there in 2023? Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming edition.

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