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Camp Cannabis seems to have succeeded | News, Sports, Jobs

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Oct 12, 2022

By all accounts, it looks like the first Camp Cannabis Festival, which took place Friday and Saturday at Marquette Tourist Park, was a success.

Recreational marijuana was legalized in Michigan with the 2018 election, so it was probably only a matter of time before someone stepped in and threw a festival to celebrate.

The event marked the largest cannabis consumption event on the Upper Peninsula, with many educational sessions and lots of vendors. For example, the program listed events such as a cannabis flower demonstration, “Swallowing 101,” “What is clean, quality cannabis? » and “Cannabinoids Explained.”

The Fire Station Cannabis Co. organized the event.

Although the Marquette town police log contained a few items that could have been related to Camp Cannabis, it was essentially a peaceful event and certainly didn’t sound like Reefer Madness – even if the smell of camp. grass was in the air.

In fact, the program had a full-page emergency evacuation plan in case an evacuation was necessary, with various issues explained. There were also camping rules with fixed quiet hours and alcohol was only allowed in the beer tents so cannabis consumption could take place throughout the park.

Maybe that was a wise thing, because the combination of beer and pot might have been too much for some attendees.

Camp Cannabis also featured musical performances to make it a broader cultural experience and, of course, there were food trucks.

However, if Camp Cannabis takes place in 2023, we suggest it takes place in the summer or earlier in the fall. October doesn’t usually have any snow yet, but it’s been known to be cold, and that was a problem last weekend.

So, it looks like everything went without major problems at Camp Cannabis, and we hope the organizers will consider hosting a Camp Cannabis II, or whatever they want to call it, next year.

Events like this make the Upper Peninsula an even more unique place to live and visit.

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