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Best Camping Gifts: Gear for the Ultimate Camp Setup

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Nov 16, 2022

With so many specialty products in the world of camping and backpacking, holiday shopping for the campers in your life can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled this list to help you equip them.

Make sure the special people in your life have what they need when they head out into the wilderness.

All of these products will up anyone’s camping game. And they might remember it when it comes time to get you something for camping!

Kelty low sofa

(Photo/Mary Murphy)

We reviewed Kelty Lowdown Camp Sofa over at GearJunkie and it’s one of the most comfortable (and surprisingly useful) additions to any camping arsenal. (And if you’re buying it for your loved one, it’s also partly a gift for yourself!)

Kelty makes a camping sofa for two people, but youthe three-person version ($180) is suitable for you, your loved one and your fur baby (or real baby) – or two of your friends, depending on who you’re camping with.

Lying in one of these sofas next to a fire, next to the people who matter most to you, is comforting and comfortable on many levels.

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Moonfab Moon Shadow

Moonshade 2.0;  (Photo/Moonfab)

The Moonshade Canopy ($379-395) is one of the best RV companions you can keep in your vehicle. It folds up like a tent and fits in a small travel bag. But when you need it, it provides 9 x 7 feet of shade or shelter.

The water-resistant material will protect you from the drizzle, and it can hold its own in the breeze. Simply attach the suction cups to your car and the two corners of the awning, and use the extendable poles for the other two corners. And There you go ! You did it in the shade.

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RovR KeepR Mobile Cocktail Box

RovR TrappR;  (Photo/RovR)

KeepR by RovR ($150) is the perfect picnic gift for those who want to enjoy an al fresco meal and drink.

It features a thermos that can accommodate three carrying trays inside – Matryoshka doll style – and movable compartments to separate wet and dry items.

A durable EPA foam handle provides a comfortable grip and the insulated stand will keep cold items cool. It is designed for picnicking in the woods or for setting up a small minibar on the beach.

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NEMO camp shower

Nemo shower;  (Photo/Nemo)

There’s nothing quite like taking a shower outside when you really need it. With the NEMO Helio LX pressure shower ($160), you’ll always have a shower handy. No need to go looking for recreation centers to buy a shower, hotel locker rooms to sneak in or shared public showers to use.

This NEMO quickly pressurizes 5.8 gallons of water with a foot pump. Place the black tank in the sun to warm your water, then use the 7-foot neoprene hose to wash your body or clean dirty paws, plates or gear.

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UCO Camp 6-Piece Camping Kit

UCO six-piece mess kit;  (Photo/UCO)

Having a reliable, durable, and easy-to-clean mess kit when camping is essential. The simple UCO system ($27) keeps everything in one place, secured together in a tight little package so you don’t lose anything.

Set includes plate, bowl, mug, two-piece camping utensil set and tether.

When closed, the seal is airtight and the bottoms are rubberized to prevent slipping. It is ideal for travelling, camping or hiking. The complete set is dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Rumpl NanoLoft Poncho

Rumpl NanoLoft Poncho

Part blanket, part clothing, part pillow Crispy poncho ($249) is versatile camping gear. Rumpl’s signature synthetic insulation provides plenty of warmth, and the accompanying head hole and hood allow for swaddling in that snug comfort.

Then, when you’re ready for bed, store it in its own kangaroo pocket and use it as a pillow.

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Aeropress Aerobic Coffee Maker

air press;  (Photo/Aeropress)

The feeling of waking up outside and brewing a cup of coffee to enjoy in the crisp morning air is unbeatable. And with the Aerobic Aeropress ($40) This isn’t just any old cup of coffee – this is a great cup of coffee. The Aeropress design uses air to force hot water through the coffee grounds, producing an extremely smooth and delicious cup of coffee that doesn’t have the bitterness that comes from a regular French press or a slow brewing process. It’s easy, lightweight, durable and perfect for camping.

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Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Insulated Air Sleeping Pad

Sea to Summit Comfort Plus insulation;  (Photo/From the sea to the summit)

Sustainable. Reliable. Comfortable. This sleeping pad (from $219) has all the qualities a good sleeping pad must have if it is going to be your choice. Dual air chambers provide peace of mind with redundancy; if a hole is drilled on one side, you still have another that will keep you in the air. Wouldn’t be ideal for backpacking, but it’s one of GearJunkie’s favorite pads of the year – which tells you everything you need to know.

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Kelty Camp Kitchen Deluxe

Kelty Camp Kitchen;  (Photo/Kelty)

This very organized camp kitchen container system ($70) keeps all your dishes, utensils, and cookware in one place. It can be hung from a car door, roof rack or tree branch, and even includes a watertight compartment for used cans, trash or dirty dishes.

Keeping all of your camp kitchen in such a compact bag gets you out and about much faster and ensures you don’t forget anything you’ll need to prepare your meals.

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Big Agnes Sidewinder SL Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes Sidewinder SL (20 degrees);  (Photo/Grande Agnes)

For the side sleepers in your life and for those who toss and turn at night, there’s no better sleeping bag option than the Big Agnes Sidewinder ($300). This bag was designed from the ground up to move with a person when they roll over or burrow.

The zipper and hood are positioned facing one side and a custom mesh pillow pocket keeps your pillow under your head no matter where you move. With a hybrid down and synthetic insulation, it’s a warm bag, but also heavier. At 2 pounds 4 ounces, it’s bulkier than many of its lightweight counterparts. But for motorhome enthusiasts, it’s an ideal gift.

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