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Do you remember the Cleveland Browns of 2018?

A lot of things from this season may not be worth revisiting, but a tradition has returned in 2021.

He’s the RV quarterback.

The idea for the motorhome originated in 2018, Mayfield’s rookie season, and quarterback Drew Stanton was the architect.

Stanton told Baker Mayfield that a motorhome was needed for Tyrod Taylor, Mayfield and himself to relax and rejuvenate.

Mayfield rented the RV, and we saw it up close during the 2018 season of Hard knocks when Mayfield gave country singer Brad Paisley a peek inside.

Taylor didn’t get all the hype.

At the time, he said:

“It’s just something for us to be able to get out of this. Nothing special or anything. You are all doing a much bigger deal than it should be.

He is back

Fast forward to 2021, and the RV was spotted in the parking lot last week.

The camper van was not a staple at the 2020 training camp due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, it’s not the same RV; rental RVs are sold at the end of each season.

Mayfield is still considering having to pay for the motorhome in his rookie season.

Both the motorhome and who paid for it changed in 2019.

Who is invited inside?

It appears that entry inside the coveted RV is by invitation only.

In 2019, Mayfield clarified who is allowed in.

He said:

“Very few people are allowed to enter here. Invite only. QB for the most part, some coaches, not all. Then special players.

So far, coach Stefanski has not been invited inside.

The RV has become part of the Browns’ training camp folklore.

It’s great to see him back on site at Berea, and we hope to get a preview of the 2021 model before training camp ends.

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