You will probably agree with me that most new Cadillacs are, indeed, luxurious. Compare one of them with a much more expensive Rolls-Royce, however, and the gap would be clear. This is the case with traditional Airstream campers and this surprisingly plush 1950 Westcraft Capistrano. In addition to its flawless tricolor paint job, blue on and under silver, it displays an Art Deco-inspired interior with birch wood paneling, pine floors, period appliances and much more for a California lifestyle. idealistic.

It’s on the auction block at Bring a trailer with a current high bid of $ 240,000. The sale won’t be complete until tomorrow, so there is plenty of time for that number to climb, which it will. It’s prettier than your rich uncle’s pool house and it can be towed anywhere which is great. The only thing is you have to trust other drivers not to break the 33ft trailer that you pull which can also cost more than your wealthy uncle’s pool house.

As you would expect from something so chic, it was recently redone by people whose names are specifically mentioned on the list, as if we should know who they are. Maybe you do if you like the SoCal style, in which case, congratulations! It looks like your kind of motorhome.

The exact type of recreation this Westcraft is good for may also be different from your regular RV. It would be a shock to see this happen in any national park, and the seller even offered a few suggestions on how to use it. They include “a small house, a guest house, a swimming pool, a studio, an office, a man cave, a meditation retreat, a museum exhibit or the centerpiece of a very fine collection of vehicles”. They also mentioned that it would not really suit a highly trafficked population. VRBO, “but that’s only their opinion.”

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