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All hiding places for Camp Woodwind in Phasmophobia

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Sep 30, 2022

The smallest map of Phasmophobia is Camp Woodwind, and also one of the best to play as a beginner! However, it can still be tricky if you venture into the harder difficulties, like Nightmare. Ghosts can still be just as deadly. However, there is a couple option that potentially save your life. Camp Woodwind features hideouts on either side of the map, allowing you to quickly escape lingering ghosts. Keep reading to learn more about all of the Camp Woodwind hideouts in Phasmophobia!


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Where to find all Woodwind Camp hideouts in Phasmophobia

All hiding places for Camp Woodwind in Phasmophobia

Screenshot via Gamer Tweak

Coolers near the white tent

When you enter the map, you can find this location on your left. However, this Phasmophobia hiding place is easy to overlook. Keep your eyes peeled and really careful when trying to find it. The place is marked by three coolers stacked on top of each other near a white tent and two brown benches. The bottom cooler is red, the middle cooler is blue, and the upper cooler is black.

blue tent coolers

This next location is near the middle of the map. There should be a large blue tent, and near it there will be 4 stacks of multicolored coolers stacked in an “L” shape. To be completely hidden, you need to make sure you are completely in the hideout, inside the corner created by the cooler stacks. Otherwise, you can always be found by malicious ghosts. However, it has the potential to be an excellent Phasmophobia Hideout.

Canopy Barrels

This hiding place is another fairly easy one to find. As you enter the campsite, if you look to your right you will see barrels. However, this part of the map is quite dark, so look for the first white canopy. Barrels will be stacked in this area and will provide a good hiding place from ghosts in Phasmophobia.

Inside the canopy

If you keep traveling through the campsite, the next canopy you come across may provide you with more cover. Inside the canopy, you’ll see a few coolers, and to the right of those, a few large tables that you can hide in between. However, when doing this, you should stay behind the coolers on the table for the best possible result. Phasmophobia hiding place.

Bathroom cabins

Once you enter the campsite, if you continue straight, sooner or later you will come across the bathroom. If you enter the bathroom, there are two cabins that you can use as hiding places.

Behind the sleeping bags

If you look around you will find that there is only one yellow tent in the campsite. There’s a stack of colorful sleeping bags rolled up right inside the tent, and you can hide behind them! Just make sure you’re towards the edge of the tende and not the center of the opening, otherwise the hiding place might not work for you.

purple tents

Near the toilets, there are some small purple tents. You can hide in each of them. All you have to do is crawl in and close the tent behind you.

Now that you know all of the Camp Woodwind hideouts in Phasmophobiataking on the map at higher difficulties shouldn’t be a problem!

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