• Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

AFCON U-23 qualification: the Olympic Eagles will camp in Ibadan

ByDebra J. Aguilar

Oct 9, 2022

Former international, Felix Owolabi, has expressed concern over the dwindling fortunes of Nigerian football.
Speaking to the Tidesports source over the weekend, Owolabi lamented that the right people are no longer allowed to run the sport in the country.
“Until now, I still wonder why we can’t do things right in the country, especially when we have the talents and the competent staff, who can manage our football well. We haven’t even given the old internationals the opportunity to contribute their quota, but footballers are the reason people are lining up to become football administrators.
“There are people in society who make life difficult for us in the country simply because they have the support of godfathers: politicians. These people have enough money to throw away and sell their conscience to those who are struggling with candidates for election.
“I remember the process that led to my discovery at the base. And finally, I had the opportunity to play for the national team. Can the same be said of our league players? Nope! Now what’s going on is that home players are overlooked for foreigners? That’s why sometimes I wonder what we do with 30 foreign players that we invite for the Super Eagles without any contribution from our local league. It’s a sad development as far as I’m concerned,” he said.
The former Eagles winger added: “So how do you expect these outside players to train in two or three days and play as a team and give you a good result? This is what we see in our Eagles today. It is not possible to put them together in a short time and expect them to work wonders.
“That’s why the media should help this country by critically analyzing the excesses of these politicians in football and sports administration. I think these politicians should stay away, focus on their politics and allow the best practices for the success of our football.
“What I have discovered is that the media has pitched their tent with some of them. Journalists even find it convenient to refer to these politicians as sports administrators. Our football could soon disappear if nothing is done. to remedy this anomaly in our football,” he said.