2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. For those in the food and beverage industry, however, the ever-changing guidelines and ever-haunting fears and concerns about the COVID-19 virus have made their doors open nearly impossible. However, as Detroit begins to resurface from the pandemic, new births and regrowths have sprouted throughout the city. A spring season after a long, long winter.

While most of us can’t support every business, old or new, all the time, some of us like to spread our love around the city as much as possible. If you’re looking for new places to show your support for, here are five new brick-and-mortar food and beverage companies to visit during this regrowth season in Detroit. Let’s keep blooming, Detroit!


New York’s beloved Mr. Dips started out in a refurbished 1974 Airstream serving burgers, fried waffles, and ice cream in Brooklyn, New York. 2021 brought new things to Mister Dips with the opening of two brick and mortar locations, one in Manhattan Harbor and the other in Parker Alley in downtown Detroit. Mr. Dips, as part of the NoHo hotel group, is connected to other Detroit favorites with access to Alley such as Evening bar, The brakeman, Penny red, and San Morello.

You can find the location of Detroit by Mister Dips on: 19 E Grand River Ave, Parkers Alley, Detroit, MI 48226



Owners Jo Cho and Jin Cha have opened The goblinIt’s first location in Clinton Township in 2019, and has now expanded to a location in Detroit. The Detroit location is in southwest Detroit, just around the corner from Honey Bee Market. Its bright purple signage and large windows offer a view of the simple, white and pastel interior, creating an alluring and alluring ambience. Cho and Cha pride themselves on using quality ingredients and also promote the live events of the sushi chefs at work.

You can find Goblin’s southwest location at: 2547 Bagley Street, Detroit, MI 48216


The oldest operating brewery in Detroit, Motor City Brewing Works, recently celebrated the opening of its second location on Avenue Livernois de la Mode. The owner of the brewery, John Linardos, lives locally and seeks to continue to implement collaborations with local music and artists as much as possible. Detroit’s fashion avenue has seen immense growth over the past few years. From greenways and new businesses to busier, long-standing businesses, the neighborhood looks to a brighter, locally supported future.

You can find the new Motor City Brewing Works location at: 19350 Livernois Ave. Detroit, MI 4822




Similar to Mister Dips but something unique to Detroit, Milk & Foam started in a truck – an ice cream truck to be exact. Co-founders Alexis Matteson and Deion Cao wanted to launch Milk & Froth as a way to provide something that was lacking in downtown Detroit: quality artisanal ice cream. As of 2019, Matteson and Cao have been doing just that and have created enough followers to open a brick and mortar store that will serve classic vegan and dairy artisanal ice cream all year round.

You can find the location of Milk & Froth’s brick and mortar at: 535 Griswold St 112, Detroit, MI 48226


Good Biscuits started from owner Jeffery Gisstennar’s home in the University Quarter in 2013. Today, Gisstennar happily opened its brick and mortar location which will not only serve as a hub for freshly baked cookies, breakfast and drinks, but also as a neighborhood place to meet, socialize, study and enjoy the arts. Good Cookies, located in Gisstennar’s childhood neighborhood, North Rosedale Park, welcomes anyone within walking distance or beyond to join the community of local residents, employees and artists who are greeted with a smile and the smell of freshly baked cookies.

You can find Good Cookies brick and mortar at: 19007 W McNichols Rd, Detroit, MI 48219

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