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10 Best Holiday Tourist Horror Movies, Ranked According To IMDb

ByDebra J. Aguilar

May 25, 2022

With summer fast approaching, the idea of ​​putting the stresses of life on hold for a getaway somewhere new is quite tempting. Whether the destination is a beautiful beach or a secluded shack, sometimes it’s fun to be a tourist – unless you end up, say, at the Overlook Hotel, where visitors might lose their minds.

Despite the optimistic allure, being a tourist comes with a certain vulnerability. Spending time in unfamiliar places, tourists can rely on help from strangers or get lost easily, not to mention the distance to family, friends or even rescue teams in case the worst happens. the worst would happen. The holiday setting is absolutely essential to many horror movies, classics like diabolical death to recent movies like Midsommar.


ten Revenge (2017) – 6.4

Revenge Movie 2017

The first feature film by Coralie Fargeat, Revenge, redefines the rape-revenge genre through the story of a weekend getaway gone wrong. A private house in the desert, once a vacation oasis, quickly becomes a place of terror after a rape and attempted murder leave our protagonist stranded in the desert.

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Unlike some of its exploitative predecessors, Revenge tells the story of a woman who survived both a sexual assault and an attempted murder without gratuitously filming the assault itself. Instead, the story of Jen, the survivor, takes center stage. Jen is smart, driven, and daring as she enacts her well-deserved revenge that ruined her weekend.

9 Lake Eden (2008) – 6.7

lake eden bar

Like many classic horror films, lake of eden takes place in the desert near a body of water. While on a camping trip, a young couple come face to face with a group of teenagers who seem determined to wreak havoc. As the film progresses, the pair become entangled in the death of a gang member who may end up threatening their own lives.

lake of eden masterfully builds tension through director James Watkins’ effective use of twists and fast pacing. This survival thriller combines wilderness survival with mindless violence that sometimes feels too real, making it a truly heartbreaking film to watch. Everyone has been frightened by a noise in the forest at one time or another and lake of eden reminds its viewers why that is.

8 We (2019) – 6.8

Lupita Nyongo as Adelaide in the movie Us

Jordan Peele’s second feature film, We, takes place on the picturesque beach of Santa Cruz, where the Wilson family takes a well-deserved family vacation. Their journey takes a dark turn, however, when a murderous family shows up on their doorstep and they look…exactly like the Wilsons, but with red jumpsuits.

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As the “tethered” attempt to weed out their doppelgangers, deep themes of inequality of wealth, race, and privilege emerge in the most terrifying way as the Wilsons fight for their lives. What begins as a relaxing beach vacation with family friends becomes so much more through Peele’s expert use of symbolism and rich storytelling.

7 The Cabin in the Woods (2011) – 7.0

In The cabin in the woods, a group of college students venture into a remote cabin in a dense forest for their free time and what begins as a tongue-in-cheek horror-comedy evolves into a meta-examination of the horror genre. The tropes are turned upside down and nothing is what it seems as the stakes get higher and higher throughout the film.

Complete with a drop-in from sci-fi and horror legend Sigourney Weaver, The cabin in the woods is a fan favorite in the horror community. References to classic movies like diabolical death and the atiric commentary on the genre takes these attractive people stuck in a creepy cabin film from pure camp to genre classic.

6 Midsommar (2019) – 7.1

midsommar florence pugh crown of flowers

Rather than the classic wilderness or lake setting, Midsommar takes place in an idyllic community in the lush countryside of Sweden. The audience follows Dani Ardor (Florence Pugh) and his friends as they take part in the Saint-Jean festival celebrated by an ancestral commune. Dani deserves a vacation – she recently suffered a huge loss due to the murder-suicide of her immediate family.

Ari Aster’s second film, Midsommar is a brightly lit and floral horror film that doesn’t hide its scares behind shadows and nightfall. Instead, viewers experience everything fully with a clear view of the horrors in the ethereal setting. The remote location is both part of the appeal and contributes to the terror, as it makes escape and getting home quite difficult. Florence Pugh’s performance combined with Aster’s strong artistic vision makes Midsommar a must-have for horror and non-horror fans alike.

5 The Descent (2005) – 7.2

Sarah escapes the cave in The Descent

Caving certainly isn’t the most popular holiday activity, but it makes for a terrifying horror flick. Lowering begins as a group of six thrill-seeking friends descend into a cave in Appalachia in North Carolina. They don’t know it, they are not the only beings in the cave and there is no exit in sight.

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Lowering is suspenseful from start to finish, from dramatic relationship dynamics to the constant threat of death. In a way, the unfolding drama of friendship is reflected in the descent into the caves, where emotions and fear fester. Rather than heart to heart, this group of friends end up fighting for their lives. While Midsommar gives reason to fear the light, Lowering will rekindle the fear of darkness in almost everyone.

4 House (1977) – 7.3

House follows seven schoolgirls on vacation like no other. They go to one of their aunt’s houses which turns out to be possessed by the strangest of spirits. This experimental film by Nobuhiko Obayashi uses practical effects, color and unsettling music to create an eerie yet enjoyable cinematic experience.

House mixes horror with comedy in some of the most creative ways, from a floating head to a hungry piano. House as a viewing experience is akin to a vacation itself, as it feels otherworldly and exciting, some of the same feelings one gets in a new place. Contrary to negative reviews, House was well received by viewers and is now part of the Criterion Channel’s Official Selection.

3 Dead Evil (1981) – 7.4

Bruce Campbell in The Evil Dead 1981

From the opening sequence, diabolical death is immersive as the shaky camera twists and turns, showing vistas of a forest marked by suspenseful music. Nearby, a group of college friends head to a cabin in those same woods for a break from everyday life. The forces of evil have other plans, however, pushing these friends to their demise.

Known to be exceptionally gruesome, The evil Dead was a box office hit that drew criticism for its X-rated violence and gore. The film is made even scarier by the normalcy of the setting. The woods and the plain seem to exist anywhere, diabolical death takes away the comfort of familiarity and replaces it with fear. Still, diabolical death became a cult classic whose influence can be seen in horror films like The cabin in the woods.

2 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) – 7.4

Tobe Hooper The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is yet another horror classic with a holiday element. Tourist turned youngest daughter Sally (Marilyn Burns) visits her family’s former hometown and meets Leatherface, one of horror’s most infamous villains. Wielding a chainsaw and a human skin mask, Leatherface attacks Sally’s brother and anyone else in sight in this gritty feature.

Even with its small budget, Texas Chainsaw Massacre had a huge impact on the horror genre. He is the originator of some of the best-known horror tropes and techniques, such as showing off a large faceless killer from a distance, using power tools as lethal weapons, and more. Spawning numerous sequels and inspiring popular horror filmmaker Wes Craven, the influence of this disturbing slasher can still be seen today.

1 The Shining (1980) – 8.4

Jack Nicholson in The Shining

the brilliant takes place at The Overlook hotel, where a couple and their young son stay in the off-season as a sort of working holiday. Whether the cause is evil spirits or cabin fever, Jack loses his grip on reality and becomes increasingly violent after witnessing a series of strange things around the vacant hotel.

the brilliant is a haunting tale of madness that continues to thrill viewers as they revisit the original and listen to the recent sequel, Doctor Sleep (2019). Much of the film’s cultural resistance stems from its complexities and ambiguity, leaving plenty of room for interpretation, such as the debate over whether the events of the film are the result of ghosts, madness, or the of them. Stanley Kubrick’s take on Stephen King’s novel the brilliant, is by far one of the most beloved horror films.

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